Winter's Demons ...

This entry is excerpted from a special lecture offered to our Next Level Intensive Program students during our Erasure Lecture Series of July 2014. I thought it might be an interesting reprise as we enter into the throes of winter. Winter often sends our awareness inward and sometimes it crashes into different energies that we are not conscious of in the long light of summer. As consciousness of these energies rises, so do we experience our own haunted natures and bear witness to the haunting of others. There is much squabbling in the religious and spiritual community about the true nature of evil. Theories abound as to what evil is and where it comes from, and many don't believe it exists at all. Yet as psychics, healers, and shamans we come to know and often tangle with convincing personifications of malevolence, pain, disease and disharmony. Each of us makes our peace with these encounters whether they are met within ourselves or another. Some of us wrestle ... and some of us dance. - Maestro Richard

{Begin Excerpt} Where does your reality live? Is it in your brain? Is it in your body? What happens to it when the body dies?

Because we do not vividly or reliably recall what happened before we were born or after we die, humanity has invented beliefs to fill in those gaps. Certainly reality at large continues. There is ample evidence of that, but what of all the space before and after our lifetimes? What sort of reality is there?

As clairvoyants we are trained to look outside of time and space and see more of “reality at large.” When we do, we we tend to see unfiltered (or perhaps less filtered) the information that is normally processed through our belief systems and intellectual knowledge. We also sometimes have more direct experience of that “other reality” in the form of visions, OBE’s, voices, near-death experiences, spiritual visitations, alien abductions, etc.

A Catholic person may have an understanding of their visions, OBE’s, voices, etc., as coming from a heaven or hell that is familiar to them. And sometimes even from beings that are part of the history of their belief system that they may have never actually learned about … adding to the mystery and often ratifying for the believer the veracity of their experience. “How would I know the Demon’s latin name unless it told it to me directly. I never learned that on my own.”

When we are born in the body, we are born not only into a physical place with all its constituent properties but into an ocean of non physical and non corporeal energy that is attached to the things and people in that place. Our existential milieu involves, nature, nurture and the cosmic currents of supernatural intelligence that we are steeped within. All of these aspects of reality are present in everything we are and everything we say do and feel. Cultivating awareness of the supernatural forces within us and surrounding us gives us more autonomy and freedom to navigate through life in a direction we consciously choose.

I had a vision in psychic school once that the true glue of this universe are “agreements.” Agreements are what bind hydrogen to oxygen to make water. Agreements are what perpetuate the physical laws of this universe in addition to the various conscious and unconscious interactions and social contracts we make with each other. Agreements are what bind us and things to outcomes be they physical or spiritual.

Spiritual agreements are made constantly… with every breath and every blink of your eye. Your continued existence and awareness of your existence is founded upon them.

Everyone has experienced some level of discomfort or anxiety both before or during this lecture series. Often this is instigated by religious beings, gurus, and other agreement-based controlling forces wanting to prevent the advancing awareness of their host’s clairvoyance and autonomy. They will often light up emotions, pain and confusion to prevent one from squaring off with the actual energetic agreement (picture) that would separate the host from the energy of the deity, being, or the group agreement of the religion, society or both.

So let’s talk about religion and everything it has brought into being in this world and beyond: Most of us were raised in some sort of religion. And if not you know people who were and have constantly registered their difference from you. This lecture is about Angels, Demons, Gods, Goddesses, Demi-Urges, Demi-Gods, Gurus & Psychotic Beings…. I lumped them all together for this lecture because I believe such beings are all inter-related and perhaps even interdependent. We as in the body spirits might even be described as codependents of some of these beings according to our nature or nurture.

It is estimated that there are 6,700,000,000 people currently living on the Earth, and the total number of people who ever lived is 102,000,000,000 (102 billion or 102 thousand million). It could be effectively argued that everyone's idea of god is different, so there have been perhaps 102 billion different gods postulated. Each god. Each being. Each postulate of something bigger, better or badder than ourselves was born of our own will and in my opinion absolutely does exist.


Gurus and Psychotic Beings: A universalized definition of psychosis is "loss of contact with reality." The definition is problematic as the perception of reality comes from many places - the mind, the body and the spirit. For the mind and body physical “breakdowns” in chemical systems are researched to explain the “loss of contact” episodes. Spiritually we look for whatever energy separates us from direct access to the full breadth and nature of reality that is NOT represented in a physical breakdown of some sort.

I lumped these two seemingly different types of beings together because they amount to the same thing: An energy that separates us from accessing the full nature of reality on our own.

Gurus and psychotic beings can be fully embodied as people and even perhaps as animals and plants. There is a certain amount of sentient awareness necessary to project the image of a “being” at all let alone an embodied one. If you Google “guru” you can come up with several names of gurus past and present. Similarly with psychotics.

So what do the Pope and Charles Manson have in common? They both presented to others a specific means and example of accessing and defining reality with specific rules and specific guidelines dependent on their personal teachings, their acolytes' teachings, their church …. aka…. their egoic manifestation. Whether intended to harm or not, (I haven’t met a guru or a psychotic individual yet that actually believes they are causing harm), in fact they tend to think they are squarely on the side of “good” and that they even have a better-than-most-people definition of good -- even when they are torturing or killing people.

When I’ve read people who function as guru’s their crown chakras are similar to psychotic people. I have seen bee hives in there. Symbols of many different religions and cultures. I’ve read the presence of multiple beings fully attached to the crown and entangled in the individual nervous system. I have a friend in Pennyslvania who has this type of crown chakra. He is one of the most wonderful people you’d ever want to meet. He lives a quiet life with his lover and has a secret penchant for writing classical music which he NEVER wants to share with the public at large. For whatever reason, he is not involving others in his guru nature… yet.

I have also read psychotic people who looked very squeaky clean on the outside yet the presences in their crown were scaly, destructive, ego distorting beings. They have cords all over them like an information highway and usually when you first gaze into the crown you get whacked like mad if you’re not neutral to the gnarlier aspects of it.

All of this isn’t to tell you there is no place for beings like this in existence. They’re here for a reason. I trust that conclusion without being able to argue for it effectively. Know that both types of beings are very “powerful” mainly because they represent a consortium of beings and information. Gurus have energetic connections to their followers and acolytes. Psychotics have something similar only in reverse. They are the end of the chain of a multiple energetic connection with several beings and intelligences.

Psychotic beings can attach to people in a variety of ways, but they are most fond of the nervous system as this is the primary engine of reality interpretation in the body. But you can find psychotic beings attached to bones and flesh as well - sometimes influencing diseases of those body parts.

Why are there gurus? The answer is obvious and true of all beings. There is something to gain on an energetic level by involving other life forces and beings in your existential project. Usually that project involves the creation or re-creation of reality to suit oneself. We are all gurus to some extent.

Why are there psychotic beings? Similarly there is something to be gained energy wise by involving other life forces and beings in your project to destroy reality. Why would a being want to destroy reality? Because they have traveled far and away from being “inside the beauty of that reality” and have experienced powerlessness to a point they annihilated parts of their own being. What’s left is a narrowly focussed awareness to “feel full or whole” again. We are all psychotic to some extent. {End Excerpt}