But I Ate It Anyway!


Friday, March 28th from 8:30pm-10:00pm ET (5:30pm-7:00pm PT)

Recently, I visited a coffee house and decided to indulge in a sweet treat.  It was a little package of two perfect cookies that had been sitting in the sunshine.  Excited by the prospect of having "warm" cookies to accompany my iced coffee I eagerly anticipated their consumption.  However, upon the first bite it was obvious that the sunshine had indeed heated the cookies but it has also heated the plastic wrapper they were stored in.   The cookie had the distinct flavor of di-methyl-polypropylene whatzahoozits - basically it tasted like plastic crap!   I was openly disappointed.  I know I stared at the cookie in disbelief.  I took another bite (just to be sure).  Indeed the cookies were tainted.  Obviously, they need to be thrown away...but NO!  I ate it anyway (both of them)!  The awful part is I didn't even enjoy it.  It tasted bad, I didn't want it, but I still continued to eat... 

Join us for But I Ate It Anyway!, a fun and insightful workshop where we will explore the energy behind your choices regarding food.   Whether your story is about eating to excess, having a fetish for fried foods, or your a closet midnight snacker this is an opportunity to heal whatever is energy is behind your actions.  We will be looking at:

  • What energy motivates your relationship with food
  • What invalidates your intentions for wellness
  • How you can create more consciousness and seniority around your choices

So pull up a chair (preferably one that is not behind a dinner table) and let's feast on our truth! 



But I Ate It Anyway!    A workshop where we look at the energy that motivates our choices regarding food.

But I Ate It Anyway! 

A workshop where we look at the energy that motivates our choices regarding food.