Fresh Start Meditation & Healing Circle

Starting December 12, 2016

We are proud to offer a FREE morning meditation and aura healing circle.  These circles run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at:

  • 7:00am PT / 10:00am EST. Led by Maestro Richard Pozzuto

Join us online for a guided half-hour meditation.  The themes of these meditations change daily, but more importantly you get a chance to practice the tools we teach in our Psychic Foundations Program classes.

Everyone is welcome to join, as these guided meditations will take you through some of the tools we teach like grounding, running Earth and cosmic energy step-by-step! At the end of the meditation, you can stay in the room and receive an aura healing.  If you know how to give psychic aura healings you will get to trade healings with another experienced healer. 

Click below to join the Fresh Start Meditation and Healing Circle Every Monday Wednesday & Friday

Just click on the photo to be taken to our online meditation room.

Just click on the photo to be taken to our online meditation room.

It's very easy to attend our online circles.  Simply click on the photo above and you will automatically be taken to our Meditation Room.  There is no software to download.  Your browser may ask you to install an "add-in" by Adobe, simply say "yes" and it takes a few seconds.  When you get to the entrance page, there is no need to log in.  Simply sign in as a guest.  If it's your first time in our meditation room, don't worry about using your web-cam or microphone for the meditation.  There is a chat window, and it's easy to communicate.