February is for Life & Love

February 2017 has delivered us into some juicy growth periods! Jupiter has gone retrograde calling us to go deep within to reconcile our innermost desire for happiness and success in life with EXACTLY who we are right now. It's a rigorous growth period that requires stillness, patience and yes... love to sustain.

February has also delivered us into the commercial holiday of St. Valentines Day. This too can thrust us into 4th chakra growth periods (along with the cosmic pressures to clarify our life's purpose) which can be unsettling and challenging. So the Audacious Spirit has some special offerings to ease your progress and to lift you up to meet whatever your challenge looks like.

Available through June 9th

Available through June 9th

The Jupiter Retrograde Mini Package - $99

You will get one half-hour reading and healing from Richard on the nature and disposition of your life's purpose. Expect to go deep in a short time and start to tease out any anxiety and fears you are running into that Jupiter's path is invoking.

You will also get another half-hour reading and healing from Trish which will be about continuing to clarify your journey in the here and now and create ease on the path that lies ahead.

You will also get a 15-minute recorded healing in our world famous Online Healing & Reading Circle. Multiple psychics will say hello to whatever question you have or healing request you wish to make. These are quick but powerful hellos.

As a very special gift we are also offering purchasers of the Jupiter Retrograde Mini Package a coupon for 10% off any private reading or healing with anyone on our staff until June 9th (when this retrograde ends)! You can use this coupon as often as you like. It is also good on purchasing a series.

Also as a very, very, very special gift if you are born under the zodiacal sign of Libra, you will get a 15% off coupon instead of a 10% off coupon! This retrograde is a special time for Libras and we want to support you, especially as peace-makers among us.

NOTES: If your retrograde is really rough DO NOT HESITATE to contact us to design a custom healing package for you. We are here to support you. You will be emailed a unique coupon code that can only be used by you through June 9th after you purchase the package.

New Client Special by Rev. Laura

Rev. Laura Glaser is offering a special on her one hour Medical Intuitive Readings & Healings. If you have never had a Medical Intuitive Reading & Healing you can try one out for the cost of a regular reading: only $125 (usually $175).

This offer is only for those who have never had a Medical Intuitive Reading/Healing with Laura before (honor system). To get this offer simply use coupon code NEWMED during checkout and $50 will be deducted from the total.


This is Jif. If no one else loves you he surely will.

Mediumship Mini Package With Rev. Ryan

Ryan is a medium, and a clairvoyant reader & healer. She is offering a special mini package to bring clarity and healing from your Angels and Spirit Guides. Yes we ALL have them!  Have your questions answered and have healings bestowed by your Angels and Guides regarding your affinity space and your love for self and for others.

Get two one-hour mediumship readings and healings for only $150!!