Graduate Readings & Healings / House and Business Healings

Thursdays 8:30pm - 10:00pm EST

$99 / $150 contribution

The Audacious Spirit is very pleased to offer 60- to 90-minute readings/healings to you from graduates of our graduate community. These are people who have graduated from intensive clairvoyant training programs with The Audacious Spirit or affiliated schools throughout the world. Most of our readers are skilled and tenured healers of many years. Each session includes communication on whatever topic is desired, answers to questions, and a healing.

All readings are recorded (if desired) at no extra charge and recordings are delivered via email. Graduate readings are appropriate for in-depth examination of all life situations. Graduate readings can be done for couples and entire families. You will get a lot of communication from several psychics reading you together. This is a uniques specialty of psychics in our tradition.

Graduates can also perform house and business healings and work with people in hospitals or sick-beds (donation for these services is $150).