Take a Step up in your career

and attain your goals!

With A Spiritual Healing Package

Due to popular demand, we are extending this healing package indefinitely. The healers at The Audacious Spirit are combining their individual strengths to offer an awesome healing package designed to help you take a step up in your professional or career space and empower you to attain your goals.

The people that have the most obstacles are the people that have the most to gain. The Divine doesn't deliver anything without purpose, and as the saying goes, the divine doesn't give you anything you cannot handle. So handle it! Whatever it is that is between you and your goal or you and the professional or career space of your dreams, let it be now that you commit to working that energy and getting on with the good stuff in life.

Thanks for the recent career goals package, as it was well organized and helpful.
— Lori L. - California

Maestros Richard Pozzuto and Trish Mariani along with Reverend Laura Glaser have prepared a basic healing format for this package that will be customized for the individual or group. Yes! You can apply one of these packages to your entire business or just to your personal needs within a business. You can also apply this package to address creative blocks, financial obstacles, or any and every possible manifestation of difficulty you may be experiencing with succeeding at your goals.... any goal, it doesn't have to be a business or professional goal. We will customize it for YOU!

The basic format for this month-long package will be as follows:

  1. Four customized healing circle healings healings (either in-person or remote)
  2. Two graduate-level readings and healings (one of which is a business or house healing)
  3. A half-hour clairvoyant interview at the very beginning with Richard, Trish and Laura all together to ascertain your needs and desires. (see note below)
  4. A private 1-hour healing with Maestra Trish
  5. A private 1-hour healing with Maestro Richard
  6. A private 1-hour healing with Reverend Laura

All sessions will be recorded for you.

This is an AMAZING value for only $500.00 (Individually, contributions for these services amount to over $750). We can begin your package at any time. Don't hesitate or delay your progress one moment longer. This package is sure to pack a wallop and get things moving!

Important! - All healing packages of this magnitude require you to book a half-hour group interview with the healers so we can co-design your package. The contribution for this interview is $50.00. We will design the package and send you the details. If you decide to go forward with the package, we will deduct the $50 from the final cost.

You can request a half hour interview and make your contribution for it by clicking the button below. If you are new to The Audacious Spirit you will be asked to register with our commerce site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call (813) 419-7077. NOTE: We will attempt to accommodate the time you choose; however, we have to coordinate 3 healers, so we will most likely need to change the day/time.

If you are sure you want to move forward with the package and are ready to make the full contribution, click below and we will be in touch with you to schedule a half-hour interview.