Join our Audacious staff and students for healing circles especially designed to address energy that we foresee as coming in waves throughout the year. You can drop-in last minute or schedule ahead. You will get a 10-15 minute healing usually from multiple psychics in the circle. The contribution is $30 or you can buy a series three for $70 or a series of five for $120. Circles take place in our online healing room which you can join via computer, smartphone or tablet (via https://zoom.us/ app) or you can dial in from your telephone from anywhere in the world. Pre-registration is highly recommended. So long as you arrive between 9pm and 9:30pm EDT you will get your healing. Joining the circle is easy. If you enroll, instructions are sent with your enrollment confirmation. If you plan on dropping in see the link below on Joining a Healing Circle.


Join us THURSDAY November 1st for a special Dia De Los Muertos Healing Circle. We will focus on healing ancestral agreements that may be limiting us. We will also say hello to family that has passed on give communication and closure where necessary. Join us for this special circle and strengthen your “ancestral posse” and make it work for you.

Join us WEDNESDAYS November 7th and November 14th for the Holidaze - Family Energy & Genetic Lines Healing Circles. We set the energy for saying hello to everything that gets lit up as we approach cultural and family holidays. All healing requests are honored.



Join us WEDNESDAYS November 21st, 28th and December 5th for the Holidaze - Money & Havingness Healing Circles. Ready for the onslaught? Commercial-Capital-Material-ISMS tend to take over prior to the end of the year. The messages to buy buy by and spend spend spend are everywhere and provoke deep feelings and considerations of wants and worthiness. Wherever you are in relation to all this bring yourself to this circle and get a healing. All healing requests are honored.


Join us WEDNESDAYS December 12th, 19th and January 2nd for the Holidaze - Ghosts of Holidaze Past Healing Circles. Time to swap out your offensive and defensive spiritual support teams. A brand new year lies ahead full of promise and vitality! Get yourself ready to win!