Join our Audacious staff and students for healing circles especially designed to address energy that we foresee as coming in waves throughout the year. You can drop-in last minute or schedule ahead. You will get a 10-15 minute healing usually from multiple psychics in the circle. The contribution is $30 or you can buy a series three for $70 or a series of five for $120. Circles take place in our online healing room which you can join via computer, smartphone or tablet (via https://zoom.us/ app) or you can dial in from your telephone from anywhere in the world. Pre-registration is highly recommended. So long as you arrive between 9pm and 9:30pm EDT you will get your healing. Joining the circle is easy. If you enroll, instructions are sent with your enrollment confirmation. If you plan on dropping in see the link below on Joining a Healing Circle.

Wants, Needs & Goals - WTF?
march 1st 15th & April 5th 9pm EDT


This AMAZING sensual world lights up craving, desire and sensation. This is what's good and vigorous about life in the body. Navigating these states of being becomes a daily practice that is more of an art than science. No matter how much we try to turn our care over to machines and programmed responses, the soul's voice will emerge and drive us to authentic NEED. So what then of desire? What then of want? What if satisfying a need delays or prevents a goal from being accomplished. Bring your questions and dilemmas and get a healing on what is driving you to be exactly who and what you are right now.

Resistance & Acquiescence - Do I bend? Do I break?
May 3rd 17th & June 7th 9pm EDT


Life is long. Of course time is relative, but when we are in resistance counting the moments of life is painfully slow. When we come out of resistance and acquiesce to the energies at hand, we free up resources to discern a course of action. We can only resist so much before we have to let go. Why? Because ongoing resistance will break us. That break is usually and ironically becoming what we resist. For real. The more you fight something, the more you feed that something; and the more fed something fighting you becomes, the more easily it will consume you. Acquiescence does not mean you have lost. In fact, it means you've freed up resources to figure out a better way to get what you want. For realsies.

Freedom! ... or maybe not. Our choices and our happiness. 
July 5th 19th & August 2nd 9pm EDT


We come to the earth to be bound by choices. Why else would an immortal being create temporary embodiment? Freedom isn't the goal. It's the state of being we come from. It's like the air we breath and it isn't responsible for what we say or don't say. We never lack the freedom to make a choice that makes us demonstrably unhappy and in some ways less free. Getting a healing on your relationship to freedom itself will help you to make choices that support the ongoing expression of your soul in a happy and joyful way.

Spirit Guides - Time to say hello
September 6th 20th & October 4th


A lot of kids freak out when they first learn about bacteria - tiny invisible creatures that are in food and air and can make you sick. They learn to wash their hands and make sure food is cooked and to not eat their boogers. It's a similar growth period with spirit guides. When people first become aware of them, they sometimes freak out. Just like the vast majority of bacteria serve an ecosystem at large that supports health, vitality and happiness, so do the vast majority of spirit guides. There are definitely some sick-making beings out there, but everything is evolving - even the sick-making beings. Saying hello to spirit guides in your space can help to coordinate their efforts and to instill a sense of ownership of your soul's purpose.