Nov 16, 30 & Dec 14 - 9:00pm eDT

Join our Audacious staff and students for healing circles especially designed to address energy that gets stirred up in the holiday season. Each circle is $25 or get all three for $60.00. If you already have healing circles you can use on your account, they will work with these special circles!

Thursday November 16th 9:00pm EDT
Money & Havingness


Don't miss this chance to get a great hello and healing on money stresses and pressures that come up at the end of the year and during the holidays. Bring any money-related or havingness-related request. Money like everything else in this universe is made of energy. Our ability to have a lot or little depends enormously on how we set the energy to have it.

Thursday November 30th 9:00 pM EDT
Family Energy & Genetic Lines


There are so many energies that contribute to every single moment of our lives. Audaciously big energies are family and genetic line information. Family programming is handed down over generations, and science validates it's more than just learned behavior. Much of that programming is carried through our amazing DNA. The field of epigenetics is just getting started, but psychics have long been savvy to working these energies at the source. Like everything DNA is made of energy and responds to a spirit to spirit hello. Come get a reading and healing on family members haunting you all the way back to the source. You can also get a hello on your current family and how they may be driving you to the eggnog this holiday season.

Thursday December 14th 9:00pm EDT
Ghosts of Holidays Past


Some of us have a lot of baggage we carry round wrapped up in tinsel and smothered in gravy. However your legacy of holiday drama is affecting you, our Audacious healers can cut the cord to the past and bring you into present time where you are free to create a NEW holiday legacy fresh and clean. Bring what ails ya and we'll give you a healing on being merry once again.

Get All Three Holidaze Circles and Save $15!!