Friday July 11th 8:30pm ET - Live Online!

Plant Spirit Medicine and the Spirit of Peyote

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From Wikipedia: An entheogen ("generating the divine within") is a chemical substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context that ay be synthesized or obtained from natural species. The chemical induces altered states of consciousness, psychological or physiological. Entheogens can supplement many diverse practices for transcendence, and revelation, including meditation, yoga, and prayer, psychedelic and visionary art, traditional medicine and psychedelic therapy, witchcraft, magic, and psychonautics.

The plant kingdom has provided the model for 99% of the substances we use today as medicines. This includes pharmaceutical derivatives. Clearly there is a relationship between plants and humanity. Plants nourish us as both food and medicine. There is clearly intelligence at work here.

Peyote along with several other types of plants has long been honored as both an entheogenic substance and a living spiritual being that works with humanity to heal us and enlighten us. In fact some of the greatest healers and teachers of humanity aren't human at all, they're plants.

Join us in this workshop where we will explore Peyote as a healer and teacher. We will play with how humans create relationships with plant spirits, and even explore a simple and easy method to connect with the spirit of peyote consciously and psychically.

Friday August 8th 8:30pm ET - Live Online!

Expedition Goals & Intentions

We will set the energy using spiritual tools in both a guided meditation and engage in exercises to help us define for ourselves what we want from this experience. We will share with one another our goals and intentions allowing us to deepen them and own them for ourselves.

Travel logistics will also be reviewed. This meeting is only open to those going on the expedition.