I Ching (The Book of Changes)

Oracular Divination and Spiritual Next Steps

September 7th from 8:30pm-10pm ET - Taught by Rodolfo De Matteis

In ancient times the holy sages made the Book of Changes thus: Their purpose was to follow the order of their nature and fate. Therefore they determined the tao of heaven and called it the dark and the light. They determined the tao of the earth and called it the yielding and the firm. They determined the tao of man and called it love and rectitude.
— Shuo Kua – Eight Wing

When I was fourteen I saw in a friend's house a book belonging to his elder brother. There were golden Chinese symbols on its bright red cover. It called to me, and I started to explore it straight away. For my fifteenth birthday I asked my grandmother if she would get me this book for my birthday, and on that day she presented to me my first I Ching. (The Book of Changes). The I Ching is considered the oldest book in recorded history and thought to be at least 5,000 years old.

That very first copy given to me by my grandmother was eventually eaten by a sacred cow in the jungle of Goa, India a few years later, but I got another one right away and The Book of the Changes has accompanied me throughout my entire life ever since. I have referred to it many times when I needed clarity on my path or required more detailed information from the divine realm to help me make my own decisions. It has always helped me to have a clearer vision of the moment and allowed me to reflect deeply on both the energetic forces and people involved in a situation.  The I Ching helps me to discern the seeds of the future present in the moment without failing to prepare me to expect the unexpected. In my 43-year practice with The Book of Changes, it has never failed to be correct; and whenever I had any doubt about that, I went back to verify my reading results only to find that it told me exactly what was to happen every time.  But like any tool, it requires time and dedication to know and understand its unique way of revealing answers to our questions.

After so many years of working with The Book of Changes, I am excited to share my wisdom and experience in this introductory workshop and in private 30-minute single-question divination sessions for The Audacious Spirit. If there is interest in further study of the I Ching, I am prepared to offer a 6-week training class in the near future. - Rodolfo De Matteis

This 90-minute workshop will be hosted and moderated by The Audacious Spirit. We will begin with an opening meditation and Rodolfo will deliver a lecture with time for questions and answers. - FREE

The best way to really understand I Ching is to get a 30-minute single-question divination session with Rodolfo. You will need 3 coins of the same type - preferably copper coins. USA pennies are perfect and have one question at the ready. - $35 (gift of spirit through August 31st readings are only $29.75 or get 3 for $80.00)

Roldolfo is fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English.



The workshop will be held online via Skype or telephone. You will need to reply to your enrollment confirmation with your Skype ID or you can send us a phone number we can conference you in from.

I Ching Divination Sessions with Rodolfo will take place via Skype or telephone also. Rodolfo will contact you directly to confirm your scheduled session and obtain your Skype ID if you don't send it to him beforehand. Instructions will be included in your appointment confirmation email.