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OK Designers.... of your destiny. It is time you gave yourself the gift of immunity for "the next round" so you can take it a bit easier on yourself and let your creativity flow! Immunity is a fancy word for adapting to new information and acquiring knowledge. Whether it is on a cellular level or not, you can set the energy for immunity from all manner of sick making influences with healing energy work.

Stuck in a toxic pattern of behavior? Susceptible to colds, flu or parasites? Are there other factors in your environment that seem to be weakening you or draining your strength? It is well documented that stress alone can "lower the immune system" making you vulnerable to physical and even mental diseases.

The GREAT news is that seemingly complicated things like immunity can be addressed with simple and consistent spiritual hellos. We have designed a healing package to say hello to the disease causing factors in your person and your environment and assist you in adapting to and overcoming them. Our healings show you on an energetic level how to hold onto that wisdom so it will benefit you again and again in the future.

This 2-month package includes:

Two 1-Hour Medical Intuitive Healings: These healings go directly to the toxic and energetic source of disease and replace it with your own wellness vibration. They are powerful healings that have amazing results. All of these healings are performed by Rev. Laura Glaser

One 1-Hour Channeled Healing: These healings are designed to get to the nitty gritty of what foreign energies are most affecting you and why. These healings are performed by Rev. Ryan Eriksmoen who will consult with various beings to mitigate disease causing foreign energies.

Four Healing Circle Healings: These are quick 10 to 15-minute healings performed by professional and student healers alike. The healings will be custom themed to your specific needs but will in general involve focussing on the most lit up aspect of your particular challenges.

Two 1-Hour Healings from Maestra Trish: These healings will be designed around the particular goals relevant to your situation. Trish excels in untangling karma and relationships, and this means karma with persons, places and yes... things.

Two 1-Hour Healings From Maestro Richard: These healings will also be designed around your specific needs. Richard is a shamanic healer and excels at working the energies holistically that culminate in your everyday reality. Expect changes within and all around you after Richard's healings.

One Graduate Level House Healing: These healings are designed to cleanse foreign and toxic energies from your living space. The effect of this is enhanced ease with your sleep and a sense of well-being and safety while being at home.

This package at full cost would be $1,250.00. We are offering this package for only $1,000.00 - A savings of $250!!

Important! - All healing packages of this magnitude require you to book a half-hour group interview with the healers so we can co-design your package. The contribution for this interview is $50.00. We will design the package and send you the details. If you decide to go forward with the package, we will deduct the $50 from the final cost.

You can request a half hour interview and make your contribution for it by clicking the button below. If you are new to The Audacious Spirit you will be asked to register with our commerce site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call (813) 419-7077. NOTE: We will attempt to accommodate the time you choose; however, we have to coordinate 3 healers, so we will most likely need to change the day/time.

If you are sure you want this package and are ready to make the full contribution, please use the button below. We will contact you directly to schedule the half-hour interview.