Journeying Circle

First Friday of every month at 8:30pm EST $25

(free for enrolled students)


Join us the first Friday of every month for an experimental and exciting new psychic activity - The Journey Circle. This circle will be an informal gathering where trained psychics and shamans will use all of our discernment to create journeys to realms where we can encounter plant and animal spirit teachers, beings in different dimensional realms, and explore the limitlessness of what there is to know.

We will use our clairvoyant tools to ground and own our ability to channel and to astral project. We may focus on channeling a member of the group or an energy in that person’s space or we may choose to do out of body work with a specific theme and purpose.

This circle is experimental, and we are in the process of refining how it works and what is possible. So bring your tools, your unique talents and knowledge and let’s see where we can go!

The circle begins at 8:30pm with some discussion and an opening meditation. Themes will be suggested but may also be changed depending on what’s alive on the day and in the moment.

$25 contribution (free for enrolled students and Cosmic Givers)