To thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.
— William Shakespeare (Polonius)

Love Thyself - A Healing Package Focussing on Loving Yourself Fully & Completely

Photo by IvelinRadkov/iStock / Getty Images

This healing package was created to promote the single-most important event in your life. The day you love yourself enough that you liberate your true desires and set them to task to create the life you want. Most of us spend a tremendous amount of life energy making ourselves look lovable, sound lovable and even smell lovable. We will spare no expense to attract love into our lives. Yet when all is said and done most people who do such things eventually find themselves coming up short.

A gnawing feeling arises that says I am still not loved enough. And the evidence may be in that empty pillow next to you or an empty feeling inside. You start to feel more hurt than happy even if you are surrounded by people who claim to love you. There must be that special someone out there that can love me the right way, the way I ought to have been loved all along.

The good news is that is true. There is someone who can love you like that. You. Does that sound narcissistic? Maybe so. But it really is impossible to receive love if you have not been able to give it sufficiently to yourself. We often tear into ourselves to route out what’s rotten in our hearts that has closed us off to a steady experience of self affinity only to give up frustrated and ready to try to find the answer, “out there” again and more desperate than ever.

This package is designed to help you examine the contents of your heart and mind efficiently so you come back with some good answers and you feel empowered and frankly … more beautiful. When you like and even loves yourself you open yourself up to a new understanding of your own beauty and its place in the way of things. You also open yourself up to others who are wanting and willing to appreciate such beauty.

The package includes:

A 1-Hour Reading / Healing from Rev. Laura Glaser - Laura will look deep into how you have physically and mentally adapted to the presence of pictures that controvert self love and affinity. She will give communication about how these came to be and work with you as a spirit to de-energize those pictures and redistribute the life-force energy that fed them into feeding the heart chakras natural knowingness of how to love oneself.

A 1-Hour Reading / Healing from Rev. Ryan Johnson - Ryan will commune with your angels and guides to re-orient you into a paradigm of ongoing self affinity. Many aspects of life are formed around adaptations to judgements or hurts that continually challenge our ability to love ourselves. Whether it was a childhood trauma, an inherited dis-ease or predilection, there is nothing that cannot be turned around to work for you. 

A 1-Hour Reading / Healing from Maestra Patricia Mariani - Trish will delve into the energy of your relationships to the world outside your space. She will work to give you clarity on relationships with persons, places or things that may be preventing you from being in the vibration of loving yourself and your life. She will give you communication on significant relationships in your life and how they can either affirm or detract from the goal of attaining deep and satisfying self affinity.

A 1-Hour Reading / Healing from Maestro Richard Pozzuto - Richard will work with you to address both the seen and unseen forces that create your havingness for self-affinity. Richard will give you communication and transmute any energies that are pinning you down, backing you into a corner, or stuck in a rut. We as humans employ various strategies to “not rock the boat.” Richard’s shamanic talents will help you rock that boat and rock on into a fresh and free ability to love and be loved. 

You will also receive 4 healings in our weekly healing circles: These 10 to 15 minute healings are performed by multiple psychics and thus powerfully impact whatever issues are being worked. The nature of these healings will be customized to your individual needs.

The total cost for this healing package would normally be $700.00. However we are offering all of these healings for only $650 - A package savings of $50.00.