Lubricate the mills of the gods .... 

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Rev. Elizabeth Lund is an experienced yogi and tenured psychic reader and healer. She is thrilled to bring her remarkable talents and knowledge to our Audacious Community.



Are you getting what you really want?

What is being cultivated in your inner world and how is it connected to the lens of how you see the world and what you attract?

These questions will be explored and answered through lecture and exercise in this exciting two-day workshop offered by Rev. Elizabeth Lund. Elizabeth will take us on a journey within that will reveal what tendencies are alive in us to create exactly what we already have. Looking at that and looking at what isn't manifesting will be the starting point of the work we will learn to do to cajole both our tendencies, perspectives and the machinery of the universe into change. Learn to make it happen with old and new wisdom.

You can take one or both workshops. This workshop is open to all, but an understanding of beginner psychic tools is required for the class exercises. If you do not have beginner training yet, you may still attend with the caveat that you will be asked to do some visualization work on the fly. Also you can enroll in the Psychic Foundations Program to get that training since the summer classes are enrolling now.

$55 per session or get both for $90