Neutrality and What Lies Beyond
taught by Rev. Wendy Gesler

A 3-Class Workshop For Psychics With Tools | $99 for all three sessions
or $35 per session


Psychics in our tradition spend most of their training time and much of their private energy work getting neutral to pictures so they can de-energize them and be free to create new ones and evolve understanding and wisdom. Sometimes the most difficult lesson to learn is how neutrality, amusement and freedom are intrinsically interrelated. Neutrality opens the door to free-will and free choices. This workshop was designed to reacquaint you with the journey toward neutrality and hopefully expand and reinforce your understanding of this as a concept and practice, and to help you to create a firm foundation for all of your psychic tools to function.

             Yin + Yang + ?

Week 1 - Nov 12
 What Neutrality Is Not

  • Discussions/exercises around empathy, compassion, sympathy, and pity
  • Listening to others and noticing how it affects you in body & spirit
  • Defining what it is to create a sacred space
        Spiritual Competition

Week 2 - Nov 19
Neutrality & Dichtomy

  • Discussions /exercises around the concepts of right/wrong
  • Discussions / exercises around judgement and being lit-up
  • Exercises in reading from your 2nd chakra
         Putting it Together

Week 3 - Nov 26
Your Neutral Hello Space

  • Exercises in reading from your 4th chakra
  • Exercises in reading from your 6th chakra
  • Define Neutrality and discuss how it would help in readings as well as life

Rev. Wendy Gesler is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley California and has been a part of the psychic community doing readings and healings for over 10 years. She is currently completing her licensed minister entitlement through the Shamanic Ministry and Healing Program here at The Audacious Spirit. Wendy is a Software Engineer by day, and lives in Denver Colorado with her husband, dog, and two cats.