The Mother & The Self

This comprehensive package will provide an empowering "hello" to the energy of "the mother" in your space. Whatever your goals, this package will advance you completing them.

The package includes:

One-hour Medical Intuitive Healing with Rev. Laura - Laura will say hello to and address any biological predispositions and inherited patterns that are out of synch with your goals for this life-time. Laura will address any limits you are struggling to get beyond as they relate to either the nature or the nurture of your mother.


One-hour trance-medium reading and healing with Rev. Ryan - Ryan will say hello to your spiritual lineage as it relates to agreements made with the spirit embodied as your mother in this lifetime. She will answer questions you have as to the nature of your relationship to your mother or perhaps as your role as a mother. Ryan and her amazing spirit guides will offer healing and communication on the progress and evolution of your "self" in this lifetime and address any persistent patterns that may be inhibiting it.


One-hour reading and healing with Maestra Trish - Trish will both assess and address any aspect of your maternally based relationships that are not compatible with your spiritual goals or are holding you back in your current relationships with others. Trish will also focus on spiritual next-steps to keep you progressing on your path.


One Hour reading and healing with Maestro Richard - Richard will focus on the evolution of you as a spirit and the relevance of your chosen family in this lifetime. This broad, contextual hello is designed to empower you and relieve you of psychological burden with any suffering or pain associated with your involvement with the mother. Motherhood is a vital energy that flows through all things in this dichotomous universe. Richard's healing will attune you to that energy and bring vitality back to your evolutionary role in the way of things.


Four Healing Circle Healings: These 15-minute healings are performed by tenured and student psychics in our weekly Wednesday night healing circle. Each circle healing will be customized to your situation and themed in general around working the energy of "the mother" in your space.


Full cost of package healings - $665. The package represents a savings of over $100