Summer Breeze Healing Packages MED.jpg

Make Me Feel Fine Package - $89

Need a quick hit/hello? Try this easy yet powerful duo and feel the wind blow your hair back again.

You'll get:

  • 1 Half-Hour Aura Reading & Healing from Trish or Richard
  • 1 Healing Circle Healing

(save over $20)

 See The Smile Awaiting You Package $499

  • Two 1-Hour Readings/Healings from any staff member
  • Two Half-Hour Aura Readings from Trish or Richard or one from each
  • 5 Healing Circle Healings
  • Admittance to one 1-day workshop

Blowing Through The Jasmine of Your Mind Package- $299

  • 1 One-Hour Reading/Healing from any staff member
  • 1 Half-Hour Reading/Healing from Trish or Richard
  • 3 Healing Circle Healings
  • Admittance to a 1-day workshop

And our very special custom offering this summer ....

windy palms.jpg

The Winds of Change Package

$1,100 lump or 3 payments of $400

Bring to bear the talents and wisdom of our formidable staff psychics on any issue(s) that you want to resolve this summer. The cost includes a clairvoyant interview where we will discern how best to design a variety of readings and healings to address your unique needs and circumstances. 

To sign up for this package, use the button below to schedule a clairvoyant interview. The cost for the interview is $50 and will be deducted from the package cost if you decide to purchase the package.