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Psychic [sahy-kik]: The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psychikos ("of the mind" or "mental") and refers in part to the human mind or psyche. The Greek word also means "soul." So one could infer that if you have a soul, you are psychic.


Many schools of clairvoyance and spiritual healing teach several different classes to beginners. We have found that in order for online students to get the maximum benefit from this kind of training a steadier commitment is required. Students, as expected, will go through growth periods as a result of this training, and we have found that it is best to go through these with a community of fellow students and teachers readily available to help support and integrate the growth.

The Audacious Spirit sets the energy at psychic kindergarten AND we have a level playing field. This means that you aren't just a student when you join this program, you become one of OUR teachers too. There are no hierarchies here beyond what makes sense to structure the program wisely. We learned long ago that the best spiritual teachers call in students more capable than they are. Everybody learns and grows at a school such as this. Everybody has permission to make mistakes. Guru games are not played here. Many schools claim the same, but we really mean it and stand by it.

We have combined ALL of our beginner level training modules into a 6-month program. This program is also a prerequisite for attendance and graduation from our flagship Next Level Intensive and Next Level Mentorship Clairvoyant Training and Shamanic Healing Programs. However, one need not be interested in undergoing the rigors of clairvoyant training to find extreme value in the Psychic Foundations Program.

Brief descriptions of what you will learn:

Program Schedule

  • Weeks 1 through 8 - Foundational Tools of Psychic Energy Work -  You will learn tools that teach you to cleanse, balance and align your mental, physical and spiritual creations. You will learn how to combine creating and destroying mental image pictures with breathing and how to manage the influx and outflow of life force energy. You will also learn the basic concepts of "energy" and how the spiritual tools you are taught manifest outcomes in your inner and outer world. You will also learn to combine the individual tools and concepts into a meditation practice unique to psychics and energy workers.
  • Weeks 8 through 14 - Spiritual Healing & Mediumship - We feel it is important to teach basic spiritual healing methods as a follow-up to learning how to do psychic energy work. You will learn what spiritual healing actually is. You will also learn how to work with spirit guides in a safe and effective way to perform basic healings on yourself and others. The student is introduced to several concepts in the process of learning how to do basic aura healings and will experience tremendous personal growth from doing healing work of this nature. We coupled teaching about mediumship with healing to allow the student to fully explore what it means to be "in the body" versus "out of the body" and ultimately how to own one's body for oneself.
  • Weeks 15 through 21 - Gender Energy - There is much that is revealed about our individual and collective nature through the lens of gender. In these weeks you will learn discernment of the psychic constructs of maleness and femaleness and what kinds of energy affect ones ability to attain goals and be happy. 
  • Weeks 21 & 22 - The Akasha - In these 2 weeks we will pull back somewhat from working energy and take time to reflect on the nature of reality and all we have learned. We will compare and explore the tools and methods of knowing in this age and psychically examine the nature of reality through the lenses of religion, shamanism, science and spirituality.

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September 2017 group training classes will be held 4 days a month for 2.5 to 3 hours per day. Potential class days are Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The duration of the program is approximately 6 months. Please indicate which class day(s) work best for you. If another day works best please select "other" and let us know what does work for you in the message field.
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General Program Details
(subject to change)

  • The first 8-week foundational tools training class is a required pre-requisite for the remaining classes (two-month contractual commitment at standard rate).

    • Students will be given home-play assignments which are experiential in nature. There are no books or written materials used in this training.

    • If you have already attended beginner classes at The Audacious Spirit, you may begin Psychic Foundations at the appropriate point where your previous training concluded. Contact us for details. A prorated donation will apply.

  • Students may stop their training after the two-month foundational tools class or continue with a month-to-month commitment that can be stopped and resumed at any time.

  • All classes, events and workshops are delivered online only!

  • Class days and times will be worked out in accordance with the students’ and teachers’ schedules.

Program Contribution

  • A minimum of 12 hours of private training per month is included (average = 3 hours per class) in the standard monthly program cost. Periodic readings and healings with the teachers and staff are also included in the contribution amount to monitor the student's growth and assist them with the rigors of change.

    • The monthly cost for each student will be $150. Classes enrolling less than 4 students are held at the discretion of the teacher.

      • Students can save $100 by making a prepaid lump-sum contribution of $800 (a savings of $100 over the month-to-month contribution rate)

  • Customized quotes for accelerated or specialized private or group training can be requested. We also accept requests for sliding scale contribution amounts based on need.

    An attendance tracking sheet will be maintained for each student so classes can be resumed at any time. Though breaking training momentum is not recommended.

    • All classes, events and workshops are delivered online only! There may be occasional in-the-body gatherings, but the entire thrust of the program is for the online student.