Readings & Healings by Rev. Laura Glaser


Laura is a master healer with the Audacious Spirit. Currently based in central Massachusetts, Laura has dedicated herself to over 4 years of psychic training in Berkeley, CA. She graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 2011 and went on to pursue the Sacred Healing Ministry and Wellness Alchemy Medical Intuitive Master Healer Programs at Spirit Is Calling. Laura’s healing practice is focused not just on healing the physical body of stuck energies but ultimately for the sake of manifesting dreams and goals into real life. Laura has manifested lovely homes, world travel, a successful career and wonderful people in her life using psychic meditation techniques and healing practices.

In her professional reading practice, Laura says hello to where people are in a given moment, where they would like to go, and what stands in their way. Laura’s healing practice acknowledges that health and vitality are spiritual vibrations. Her medical intuitive healings help restore these vibrations within a person to give them the freedom to create their life from within.

Selecting one of the buttons below will take you to our online store where you can register, pay and even schedule your appointment. Appointments can be scheduled from 6 pm to 9 pm Monday through Thursday and on weekends by request. If you would prefer to correspond with Laura first, please contact her via email at

Medical Intuitive Healings

Medical Intuitive Healings are a powerful clairvoyant healing used to restore your body’s natural vitality and wellness. Your body knows how to be a body and has innate information on how to be healthy. Our beliefs, karma, agreements with others and foreign energies can disrupt this natural balance.

Medical intuitive healings begin with a clairvoyant scan to identify stuck energies that create un-wellness or unbalance in your body. With the help of healing guides, the healing involves a series of healing directives or prayers to clear these energies from your energetic field and regenerating cells on the body in the vibration of health and vitality. These healings can address relatively minor issues such as misaligned muscles and bones or imbalances body systems, to chronic inflammatory illnesses, disease, and trauma.

Healings typically last an hour and can be done remotely or in person (if located in Massachusetts). These sessions are available Monday through Thursday nights between 7pm and 10 pm EST and weekends by appointment. Contributions are $100 for 30 minutes and $175 for 1 Hour.

For chronic issues, a healing package series helps to clear multiple layers of energies: Three 1-hour sessions are available for $475. Select the option you want below. You will be given a chance to purchase a series after you register for your appointment.

Regular readings and healings are $65 for 30 minutes and $125 for an hour.

Special Offering!

I will be offering a half hour "female tune-up" for a very special donation amount of only $65. These healings help to anchor your female creative energy into your body and cleanse foreign energies from your female energy space. You can also now get 3 of these healings for a specially discounted rate of only $150. Click below and you will be given the option of purchasing a series after you register for your appointment.