Remote healing requests can be for yourself or for anyone/anything else. Healing requests on one's place of business, overall family, and even particular goals or projects are not uncommon. Everything is made of energy.  Everything is made of spirit.  These spiritual healings help to clear and move the energy around the attainment of wellness and satisfactory outcomes for anything.


Remote healings are 10- to 20-minutes long and are performed by experienced clairvoyant readers and healers. Each healing is $30 or you can get a series of 3 for $70 or 5 for $120.00. If you want multiple healings on the same request, please state that on the request form. Or if you want multiple healing with different requests for each, please list out what you want and the order you want them. After each healing is completed, you will be sent a link that allows you to view a recording of it.

We perform remote healings at every healing circle until we run out of time. Fill out the form and we’ll invoice you for the number of healings you want.

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