Ayahuasca Healing Pilgrimage

Temple of The Way of Light

Amazon Rainforest - Peru: November 2016


We are very excited to be offering another Ayahuasca Healing Pilgrimage to Iquitos Peru and the Amazon rainforest to work with the plant spirit master-healer Ayahuasca. There are two travel options available:

21-Days at The Temple

Dates (including travel days): October 30 through November 23rd or 24th - First day of retreat is November 1st (total 25 or 26 days)

Temple Fee*:     $2,999
Our Fee*:          $499

This "deep immersion" retreat is held at a separate location on The Temple grounds. It involves the same number of ayahuasca ceremonies (seven), but includes yoga, art therapy, and other forms of integration work. We will work with two shamans exclusively (one male and one female) in a smaller group of no more than 12 participants. Maestro Richard from The Audacious Spirit will be attending this retreat.

12-Days at The Temple

Dates (including travel days): October 30 through November 13th or 14th - First day of retreat is November 1st (total 15 or 16 days)

Temple Fee*:     $2,300
Our Fee*:          $499

This shorter retreat offers the same intensity in a shorter period of time. It still includes 7 ceremonies, but you will work within a larger group of participants (up to 24) and with a larger group of shamans. There are still integration workshops offered as well as educational workshops and discussions on permaculture at The Temple. Thus far we do not have a staff member attending this retreat, but we will still include you in the pilgrimage energy if you choose to do this one. You will still have the benefit of traveling with the group and travel coordination within Iquitos upon arrival, but your departure (thus far) will be self-coordinated. (We still will have your lodgings booked and airport transportation arranged, etc.)

* Temple fees include lodging, meals, transportation to and from the Temple, all ceremonies and planned activities. Our fee includes lodging in Iquitos for 2 nights prior to the retreat and one night after, breakfast, transportation to and from the airport to the hotel (tuk tuk), some travel coordination and tour guidance on travel days (both on arrival and departure for the 21-day retreat goers. Seven pre and post ceremonial workshops with private spiritual counselings are included as well.

If total retreat coordination is desired (meaning you want us to handle absolutely everything, please request a quote.

My first experience with the plant spirit Ayahuasca was in a dream I had before I ever got on the plane to go to Peru. I was terrified of taking a medicine that frequently resulted in vomiting. I've always hated vomiting. And I do mean HATE. I was also afraid of losing my mind. I had done LSD in my younger days, and I remembered that horrid feeling that "you're never going to come back."

I decided to seek help from ayahuasca because I had left the narcotic comfort of a corporate job, had no money or health insurance, and I have a gene that virtually guarantees I'll get colon cancer. So without the ability to pay for preventive tests and polyp removals (It was pre HRCA), I thought I would seek out a healing powerful enough to switch off the cancer gene. I also was scared because I had made a drastic decision to change my life without a real plan. Like so many others I had questions about my life purpose and my own spiritual practices. Miraculously, I got a surprise check from a class action lawsuit that I had joined several years prior, and it was just enough to pay for my journey to Peru. It also happened to be my birthday, and I wanted to do something on my own, all alone, to get to know myself better -- the self that was going blindly into the future with nothing but a modicum of faith that the future was worth aiming for.

The dream I had was of a snake. The snake went in my mouth and came out of my butt. It was an enormous yellow boa constrictor, but I wasn't afraid. It went into my mouth and down through my intestines very smoothly and stealthily and exited much the same way. I remember "hearing" in my dream a feminine voice saying to not be afraid. I realized that the dream meant that I was going to purge alright, but I would purge rectally and not through my mouth. I'm pleased to report that that is EXACTLY what happened. I didn't vomit once, except of course when the Maestras give you a tonic to make you vomit as a cleanse prior to your first ceremony. That was actually not so bad since you do it in a group. 

Like so many that have had this experience, I will tell you that it is truly not describable. Your human mind simply can't contain the experience of knowing, seeing, feeling and being beyond the boundaries of human existence, but that is what ayahuasca delivers. It is true magic. A true taste of the divine. An undeniable experience of awareness expanded beyond reason into the layers of reality where reason is not needed to understand and know things. Coming back from an ayahuasca healing is like landing gently on your tippy toes. Happy, smiling and quite sane... maybe saner than you've ever been. You learn how miniscule your human life is compared to all there is, but you also learn how VITALLY important everything you do, say, think and feel is. You also meet the greatest healer of humanity I have ever known, Ayahuasca. She appears differently to people, but a large majority of people see her as a snake or a vining plant.

* Retreats at the Temple of The Way of Light now vary in duration. Travel to and from Iquitos usually requires 2 or sometimes 3 extra days bringing the total pilgrimage duration to 14 or 15 days for a 12-day retreat or 23 or 24 days for a 21-day retreat. Seven of the days spent at the temple involve drinking the ayahuasca brew in ceremony. The other days are spent learning about the Shipibo, understanding Amazonian permaculture projects, resting and integrative processing. The 21-day retreat offers yoga and other forms of integrative activities to help you deepen the healing process. You will also receive individual healings and curative medicines from the Maestros/Maestras throughout the retreat and much more. A special diet is required both prior and after the retreat so non-included meals during travel are simple and inexpensive as well.

Workshops, support, travel coordination ...

The experience of drinking ayahuasca with Shipibo shamans who have been administering it for thousands of years is very much in alignment with the mission and purpose of The Audacious Spirit. We are calling this journey a "pilgrimage" because it holds the promise of a powerful connection with The Divine - however you define it.  Workshop attendees routinely have experiences which are squarely in the realms of religion and spirituality. Even atheists are hard-pressed to describe the experience as anything less than "ineffable" which is the rationalized essence of a truly spiritual experience.

We will do monthly and sometimes twice-monthly workshops to help prepare those wanting to go to the retreat together, but all are welcome to attend the workshops.  These workshops will include:

  • Education on entheogens in general and especially on ayahuasca.
  • The slippery nature of "reality" and the physical and spiritual resources we have to experience it
  • The interconnectedness of all things: how plants may have helped us to evolve
  • The Shipibo "dieta"-  how the Shipibo learned about ayahuasca and their shamanic practice
  • Creating and owning your healing goals for the pilgrimage
  • Preparing your body, mind and spirit for this pilgrimage
  • Individual spiritual counseling on setting the energy for the journey and your healing goals
  • Two post-pilgrimage integration and support workshops

We will secure lodging and arrange for airport transportation to and from the hotel in the city of Iquitos. But once we are on the boat to the Temple, we are in the complete care of the shamans and ceremony guides.

I will be taking off my leader, teacher and healer hats while at the Temple as I, like everyone else, will be pursuing my own healing journey. But as copilgrims I expect we'll have much to do together while we are there.

Ready to sign up?

You are officially "signed up" with us when you make your contribution for the workshops, travel-days lodgings and trip coordination: $499

Use this button to sign up with us. Once you make your contribution, we will send you a welcome packet which includes instructions and a checklist on completing your sign-up with The Temple. You will also be auto-enrolled in all of the Pilgrimage workshops. You can sign up for the individual workshops (below) for a contribution of $25 each. If you decide to join the pilgrimage after making individual contributions, we will deduct the amount contributed from the overall signup fee of $499.

Ready to sign up but want to break up the $499 fee into payments? Just let us know.

Pilgrimage Workshops

Workshop#1 The Shamanic Universe - Understanding Plant Spirits - May 26th 8:00pm EST

This workshop will introduce you into the Shaman's world and show you how plant spirit medicine has been used for tens of thousands of years and has likely played an enormous role in the evolution of humanity into a sentient species. $25

Workshop#2 Ayahuasca The Mother - June 16th 8:00pm EST

This workshop will be about entheogens in general with a specific focus on Ayahuasca. We will review how the Shipibo ceremonies are conducted and how the healing intentions of the participant, the shaman and Mother Ayahuasca conspire to bring profound change. $25

Workshop#3 Healing Spirit with Spirit - July 21st 8:00pm EST

This workshop will delve into what spiritual healing is and the philosophies and practices behind it. We will do exercises to experience our own healing energies and deepen our understanding of how plant spirit healers and shamans can deliver us to life altering healing experiences. $25

Workshop#4 Your Hopes Your Dreams Your Healing Mockups - August 18th 8:00pm EST

This workshop will delve into what spiritual healing is and the philosophies and practices behind it. We will do exercises to experience our own healing energies and deepen our understanding of how plant spirit healers and shamans can deliver us to life altering healing experiences. $25

Workshop#5 "La Dieta" Your journey begins ... September 15th 8:00pm EST

We will review the behavioral and dietary guidelines that must be observed before going into ceremony with Ayahuasca. We will also review travel logistics, packing requirements, review our itinerary, etc. $25

If you want us to handle everything (including your international flights, and your retreat enrollment at the Temple) please request a quote.


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Oxford scholar, historian, and general breakthrough thinker, Graham Hancock, on entheogens.


Anthropologist, author and speaker, Jeremy Narby, talks about his experience at the Temple of the Way of Light after visiting at the beginning of May 2013. Jeremy attended a ceremony with six Shipibo healers and spent time with the Temple community learning about thier Permaculture projects, work exchange programs, outreach initiatives in the Amazon and our goals for the coming years.

Bruce Parry, award winning documentarian, filmmaker and indigenous rights activist, talks about his experience at the Temple of the Way of Light after attending a 12 day ayahuasca retreat in April 2014. Bruce was one of the attendees we met on our last journey and indicative of the quality and character of many of the fellow journeyers you will meet. Everyone I have ever met at the Temple has held the highest space for healing of themselves, each other and the worlds they came from.


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