Readings and Healings with Rev. Ryan Johnson

A born psychic, and descended from a lineage of psychic women, Ryan kept her intuitive knowledge quiet during her youth yet privately practiced to further develop her skills by regularly asking questions to God, Angels, and familiar Guides receiving guidance and valuable teachings. This guidance helped her tremendously to navigate her own life especially during her youth.  

These are the very skills Ryan utilizes and now brings to the public and to each client during a reading.  You, the client, come in with your questions about life and Ryan listens to your Spirit, Angelic Beings and Guides and relays the very special information back to you giving you the most beautiful life-changing answers that help to guide you through your life.

Most of Ryan's clients have been with her for years receiving readings weekly, monthly, or whenever they need assistance in their life!  This is what they are saying:

Ryan is a trusted Spiritual Guide and has assisted me with her readings through many a challenging time. She is truly living her purpose with this divine work. Her insights and wisdom are pure and spot on allowing me to transform huge challenges in a fraction of the time it would take to move through them. She is truly a lifesaver. I don’t know where I would be without her. Thank you Ryan.
— Shakti Thompson
I have also had the pleasure of Ryan’s guidance. She makes it so easy and can take you to new places in your awareness so quickly.
— Cam Conley

Question & Answer Style Readings:

These are my most popular types of readings. Bring in 5 or 15 questions about your life, and I will read your spirit and tell you what it is saying and give you the best possible answer to your questions.



Readings of The Deceased:

I am often called to do readings of people who have passed on and subsequent grief counseling. Reading the deceased isn't so different than reading people alive in the body.

Channeled Readings:

Channeled readings begin with a brief teaching or lesson that lasts around three minutes. For the remainder of the reading I take questions, and I hear the being's words and relay their answers. I've practiced mediumship this since I was 14. Angels and guides are easy for me to hear.

It is nothing but a divine blessing to have Ryan as my mentor and teacher. Every lesson she has given me both with her readings and her teachings, still resonates with me years later. She is a joy personified, a remarkable clairvoyant and a humble, loving, brave person. She has taught me that it is safe to be myself, even the psychic part, and that every gift counts. I love that she always lets Source guide the class. As a result of all of the above, I have the best foundation in psychic work that I could have ever hoped to receive. I always look to her as an example
— Amelia M. D'Souza

Ryan has had multiple spiritual abilities since childhood. She has all the "claires" .. Clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Because she is so naturally attuned to spirit, she created a unique relationship with the spiritual realm in which she navigates and communicates easily. She is also an accomplished medium.

Consultation & Healing with The Angelic Realm

These readings are powerful and insightful. Ryan connects with guides who operate on many levels. She has a particular affinity for beings that operate from the highest vibrational frequency and her talent is to be a medium for the information and healing such beings can impart. Ryan's work with Angels is specific in this regard. These healings are not only psychologically powerful, but physically impactful as well. There really isn't any issue or question that you cannot bring to this type of consultation.

All of Ryan's readings and healings are done for a contribution of $100 per hour. Ryan works with Angelic beings and other guides in addition to being skilled at traditional clairvoyant healing techniques such as chakra balancing and aura healing. You can get a series of 4 readings and healings for a special rate of only $300.00.

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