The Shamanic Universe: Healing Spirit With Spirit


Friday November 15th 8:30pm - 10pm ET


In this workshop we will examine what it means to be healed as energetic beings by energetic beings. Whether your healer is an allopathic doctor from your local doc-in-a-box or a non corporeal entity from another dimension that you never see with your physical eyes, the wild and wooly universe of healing beckons.

Healing is really a synonym for change. We will explore how change is called as spirit and learn the basic premise of all healing. 

  1. Everything is made of energy
  2. Energy = Spirit
  3. Everything is made of spirit

We'll hear testimonials of spiritual healings and do some exercises that allow you to experience for yourself your own healing energy.

In previous workshops, I have claimed that the plant spirit Ayahuasca is one of the greatest healers of humanity I have ever encountered. I think you will find her ability to take you on a healing journey quite impressive.  But another premise of energy healing as I understand it is this:

  • All healing is self healing

Maybe that's a bit of a bummer to consider, and it may even sound a bit like a cop out - a way to posit blame on yourself for any state of unwellness or for another healer to blame you for not being able to "have" the healing they are offering.

To me, it's not a cop out. In fact it's joyous. It means that the true power of change is already inside you... the "self" and any healing you seek from outside your "self" is just a way of bringing the external world into a free-will agreement that you can change.... however the hell you want. No blame... only wisdom ... that may take lifetimes to unfold.

Ayahuasca's amazing ability to heal us lies in her amazing ability for her to bring us to an authentic place with ourselves. It's the true magic. The truest healing possible because it brings it from the only place true healing is possible ... from within ourselves.

This workshop will inspire you to realize what miracles you are capable of and help you decide how much and what kind of a miracle you want to make happen.


 This workshop is in preparation for our Ayahuasca Healing Pilgrimage in April 2014 to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru and is FREE for pilgrims; however, it is open to all.


This workshop is in preparation for our Ayahuasca Healing Pilgrimage in April 2014 to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru and is FREE for pilgrims; however, it is open to all.

The video above is one of the Maestros singing an Icaro. These are the songs taught to the shamans by the plant spirits that they "diet" or commune with. The ayahuasca healing ceremonies involve not just the drinking of the ayahuasca, but visits from the shamans who will sing these songs to you with varying effects. It's incredible really.

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