Student Referral Program (limited time offer)

The Audacious Spirit would like to reward everyone who seeks spiritual tool training. The tools are their own reward that last lifetimes. But how about some cash? Yes please!

Anyone can refer someone they know to either the Shamanic Foundations Program (for beginners) or the advanced level Shamanic Training Program (our “clairvoyant training” program). The latter is an advanced program, and referrals have to have completed commensurate beginner training at another school to qualify for it.

We will give the referrer a $100 account credit which can use toward training for themselves or someone that they sponsor (pay for). The credit can also be used piecemeal for workshops and special events or annual program membership fees.

The credit cannot be used for private readings or healings (see note below).

Our spiritual training is second to none in this world. It is adapted constantly to the evolving needs of our students. We do not teach dogmas or platitudes. We teach tools. What our students build with them is up to them.

If you know someone you believe would benefit from our training please fill out the form below. If you are interested yourself in training, please check out the Shamanic Foundations Program page.

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NOTE: The account credit award can only be used for training programs, certain workshops and annual membership fees (not for private readings and healings). The credit will be applied to your account and useable once the referred student enrolls in a program and completes and pays for at least 60 days of training. Either the referred student or the referrer must email The Audacious Spirit (or fill out the form above), and inform us of the referral. Students enrolling in the same class cannot refer each other.

* Referrals for the Next Level Program have to have completed commensurate foundational training at another school.