Supervised Readings by Next Level Clairvoyant and Shamanic Healing Training Program Students

$60 Contribution

The wisdom in the psychic world is that beginners often deliver the best readings and healings because they are less prone to getting stuck in habitual interpretation of clairvoyant information or having their ego get in the way of working with spiritual healing energy.

Whatever the case may be, you will get 90 minutes of a spirit-to-spirit "hello" that will include:

  1. Reading the energy of the 7 layers of your aura

  2. Looking at you as a spirit and evaluating your openness to spiritual information

  3. Reading up to 3 past lives which reveal much about your present life

  4. A reading of energetic gauges that indicate how you are evolving as a spirit

  5. Spiritual next steps that help you stay the course of your spiritual growth

  6. Three questions on any topic you choose

These 90-Minute Readings are available at the following times and can be scheduled online using the purple button below or by calling us at (813) 419-7077.

  • Monday evening (except the 5th Monday): 8:30pm ET - 10.00pm ET

  • Sunday evening (except the 5th Sunday): 8:30pm ET - 10.00pm ET

ALL readings are recorded (unless you don't want that) and done over the phone or via Skype. When you click the button to register, you will be taken to our e-commerce site which will ask you to create an account based on your email address. You will also have the opportunity to make your contribution with a credit card you can keep securely on file with our system or using Paypal.

Please indicate your agreement to our terms of service before registering for the reading...