This 4-week workshop series is open to everyone - trained psychics, untrained psychics, and everyone in between. We are very excited to offer this series also as an introduction to our Next Level Intensive  and Next Level Mentorship Programs.

Tuesdays, Jan. 28 - Feb. 18th from 8:00pm ET (5:00pm PT) - 10:30pm ET (7:30pm PT) 


Week 1: Religion & Mysticism - Knowing the unknowable. Attaining the unattainable:

 Explore how religion and spiritual mysticism attempt to explain the conditions of the reality we experience.  All belief systems posit a method of achieving greater and even ultimate awareness.  But what does this ultimate awareness amount to?  We'll "snapshot" our own individual beliefs through lecture and sharing and psychic interaction to see if we can distill a kindergarten way of understanding the Akasha through the eyes of religion.

Week 2: The God Particle - The science of magic:

The scientific method introduced in the late 17th century has given humanity a bead on the mechanics of what can be called the "known universe."  But we don't know what we don't know so what kind of truth will science lead us to?  An ultimate truth? Or is it a magical one?  Is it possible to separate the action of believing from the action of knowing?  And do the acts of believing and knowing affect what is believed or known? This workshop illuminates the notion that we are co-creators of this universe.... and co-destroyers.


$200 for 4 weeks: Includes 1 half-hour aura reading/counseling

Week 3: Light, Sound, Wave, Vibration - The nature of reality. A shamanic perspective:

 Throughout human history there have always been people who have displayed extraordinary sensitivity and affinity for the world. Everybody has a certain level of sensitivity, but shamans, magicians, medicine people, priestesses and priests have created and demonstrated a path toward knowing and being in affinity with our reality. We'll discuss what a shaman is and whether such people are as far removed from your every-day existence as you might think.  We'll take a look at 'magic' and explore the nature of conjuring versus healing. The shaman helps us navigate the reality of light, sound, wave and vibration through an understanding of the basic everyday elements of life experience on this world and beyond.

Week 4: The Akashic Records - Our Psychic Playground:

 If we think of The Akasha as something like "The All There Is-ness" perhaps we can somehow dip into that level of awareness effectively enough to actually change something or know something about "what is." This week is all about interacting with the Akasha through the mental image construct of a library.  We'll demonstrate how psychics journey to the Akasha to consult with reality and how we can come back with not only information, but inspiration.


Thank you for this wonderful class... Certainly created change, movement, and A LOT of growth :) I so appreciate having both of you around as I navigate this path that I am on. You are both wonderful teachers and mentors! I look forward to continuing the path with you through The Audacious Spirit.
— Julie P.
I just wanted to thank you both for the past four weeks. I really enjoyed learning more about the Akasha and connecting with everyone.
— Natalie D.