A Healing Circle for All the World's People!

Held each Wednesday at 9:00pm ET*

You can bring any issue you want to be worked on for yourself to the healing circle, and experienced readers and healers will give you a 5- to 10-minute healing. There are usually multiple healers in each circle so you get the benefit of having multiple healings on the issue. Part of the magic of the circle is that everyone who joins the circle shares in the same healings.  So your healing benefit is even further multiplied. Everyone gets communication from the healer(s) on what blockages were cleared and what energy is affecting your innate ability to have ease and satisfaction being on your path.

On occasion we will look at current events and people in the public eye and offer them a spiritual healing. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the circle and participate using their own healing practice. 


* No healing circle on Wednesday if it is the 5th week of the month. 

* No healing circle on Wednesday November 23rd 2016 (Thanksgiving eve)

Can't make it to the circle, but you still want a healing?

Or, do you want to get a healing for someone else? No problem! Check out our Remote Healing Request feature. We'll perform any healing requests and send you an easy to watch recording of the healing! 

*Unlimited requests actually max out at 1 requests per circle  per month (approximately 4 per month).


Click on photo to be taken to the online healing room on Wednesday of every month at 9pm EST.

Click on photo to be taken to the online healing room on Wednesday of every month at 9pm EST.

Contributions for circle healings are $25 each and you can buy a series of 5 for $100. You can get unlimited visits to our healing circles for 1 year for a $750 contribution.

It's very easy to attend our online circles. There is no software to download.  Your browser may ask you to install an "add-in" by Adobe, simply say "yes" and it takes a few seconds after which the room will load up automatically. When you get to the entrance page, there is no need to log in.  Simply sign in as a guest.  If it's your first time in our online Healing Circle, don't worry about using the various controls in the room.  You will be able to use your microphone and webcam if you desire, and if it becomes necessary the leader will coach you as to how.  There is a chat window which is very easy to use also.  

To attend simply:

  1. Click on the Enroll Now! button. You will be taken to our online store to register and enroll.
  2. Click on the following link and sign in as a guest when the next circle is scheduled.   http://meet26174698.adobeconnect.com/rainbow/