New!! Beginner & Advanced Tools Refresher Workshops

Beginner: Friday September 13th 8:30pm - 10:00pm EST
Advanced: Friday September 20th 8:30pm - 10:00pm EST

Also… a special offer by Maestro Richard…


Has the center of your head become your psychic junk drawer? Are things rolling round up there unused and forgotten? Fear not. We’ll get you sorted out in no time! Join us for our first ever psychic tools refresher workshop. In this workshop we will revisit and practice tools you learned in your beginner training.

Sometimes we stop meditating and working energy. Life and all of its charms have a way of sweeping us off our feet and carrying us away on pretty heady growth periods. No problem! That’s supposed to happen. The good news is that the tools you learned that help you right yourself and get the most of your growth periods are still there for you. This workshop will help you fish out what you need, dust them off and get growing again!

In this workshop, we’ll review ALL of the tools in the opening meditation but go in depth on some of the more energy-laden ones:

  1. Body/Spirit of Glass

  2. Separation/Sanctuary Roses

  3. Gauges

  4. Read Screen/Center of Head


Welcome Reverends or soon-to-be Reverends! You have to be enrolled or have graduated from a rose-based clairvoyant training program to attend this workshop.

In this workshop we will review some of the more advanced tools you learned in your original clairvoyant/shamanic healing program. The teacher will poll the class and take any requests you have, but you can expect a review on at least a couple of these:

  1. Hall of Mirrors (unique to The Audacious Spirit)

  2. Gold Cellular Healings

  3. Creative Rings

  4. Christ/Divine Force Healings

Bring jokes and something good to drink, and we’ll get you rockin’ your psychic selves again in no time.

$30 donation for each workshop for everyone (Cosmic Giver/Planet Healer members come free). If you want to attend both you can save $10 and get a pass for both for $50.


For people who want to enroll in both workshops, Maestro Richard is offering a special one-to-one counseling and healing on your tools for a $100 additional contribution. You will get a private reading on any trouble spots using your spiritual tools and a healing on moving forward with your practice.