What is the World Coming To?
Hurricanes Harvey & Irma
Sunday September 17th, 8pm - 9pm EDT

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Let's Gather and Work the World!


Join Reverend Laura Glaser and Maestro Richard and The Audacious Spirit Community for a guided meditation and a guided energy healing designed to bring neutrality and amusement to the recent hurricane activity, global warming and everything stirred up around it.

Many in our community are what we call "planetary healers." Many natural healers are stressed and hurting as the demand for healing grows immense. As a psychic community we are uniquely empowered to work the energy of that creates effort around us as spirit.

Opening meditation begins at 8pm EST. After which we will do some guided energy work. We will collectively work the energy that is brought into the gathering using whatever tools the participants are trained in. This event is open to all. Psychics with tools training will be asked to work energy and/or exchange readings and healings depending on what issues are brought into the gathering.

You can nominate issues to be worked on during the session using the form below. We are requesting a $10 donation but attendance is free. Click the purple button to enroll. It's free.

CLICK HERE to Make a Donation and Tell Us what issue you want to work

To attend simply navigate from any computer browser to our online meeting room at 8pm on Sunday September 17th: 


Also if you donate, we will enroll you automatically.

$10 Requested Donation but you can donate more if you are so moved. The Audacious Spirit is a 501(c)3 non profit. All donations are tax deductible.