Women With Tools!
A Gathering of Psychically Empowered Women

Day/Time: TBD
Free for currently enrolled students
$29 donation for All others

Greetings! I am Rev. Laura Glaser, and I will be hosting these monthly gatherings that I know will inspire and heal our Audacious community of women! Initially I want these gatherings to be with psychic tools-enabled women only. So if you are a student at The Audacious Spirit or if you are enrolled in another psychic training program, you are welcome to attend for FREE. If you are a community member trained in psychic tools usage, you  are especially welcome to attend for a small donation of $29.

Having psychic tools, and more importantly, using your psychic tools, can be the difference between a miserable life experience and a happy one. We will gather and use our tools to work the energy of things we want to change in our lives and in our world... as women.

I hope to see you there!

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