The Fifth Kosha: Anandamaya
A Spiritual Yoga Retreat

Ambergris Caye (San Pedro Town) Belize

December 6 - 13, 2014 

$1,995 - Includes taxes, meals, workshops, lodging, 1 land and 1 sea excursion, and r/t air from Belize City to Ambergris Caye (lodging upgrades available)

Take $75 off total price if paid by cash or check.



The Five Koshas

The yogic body goes beyond the physical and extends into more subtle layers of energy. Each person has five distinct energy bodies (or koshas), vibrating at different frequencies. These interdependent, overlapping layers are what Westerners call the mind-body-spirit connection.

Kosha is a Sanskrit word meaning sheath, moving from the gross physical body to the subtle spiritual body. Each kosha signifies a more refined dimension of consciousness.  These sheaths are composed of food, energy, intellect, intuition and bliss.

  1. The Physical Body (Annamaya)- one aspect of the individual, one layer through which the Self can express itself.  This represents your physical body (e.g. bones, skin, etc.).  When you feed/nourish your body and practice asana (poses), you are working with the Annamaya Kosha.
  2. The Life Force (Pranayama) - exists on a slightly deeper level and represents the physiological body which includes the circulatory, respiratory, nervous system, digestive system, etc.  When you practice breath work, you work with the Pranayama Kosha.
  3. The Mind (Manomaya) - this includes the mental, psychological, and emotional bodies.  Here lies the practice of quieting the mind and finding stillness. Meditation reaches the Manomaya Kosha.
  4. Awareness (Vijnanamaya) - this represents higher knowledge and intuitive awareness.  When you find your power and inner peace in a pose or anytime in life, you are in the Vijnanamaya Kosha.
  5. Bliss (Anandamaya) - the deepest level, this represents the spiritual body which encompasses the divine Self, the awakening of bliss.

Ananadamaya Kosha - Make your life a practice of bliss. The Audacious Spirit in partnership with Navarre Living Yoga proudly present a 7-night yoga retreat that will be as spiritually fulfilling as it will be unique, adventurous, and fun!  Join us as bring together two powerful disciplines, the practice of yoga and spiritual tools, to directly experience the five Koshas on this Caribbean adventure to Belize! We will take you on a multi dimensional journey beginning with your physical body traveling higher in frequency each day toward bliss!

Audacious Spirit's Richard Pozzuto and Trish Mariani are partnering with accomplished yogi, Katharine Tabb, owner of Navarre Living Yoga, to bring you a retreat filled with yoga classes (held in a palapa right on the ocean) and spiritual workshops and activities that will enhance your yoga asana practice with spiritual tools taught by professional psychic readers and healers.

Journey Includes:

  • 7 nights accommodations at the Ak'Bol Yoga Retreat & Eco-Resort
  • All meals (vegetarian with fish), includes all water plus fresh juices
  • Round trip transportation from Belize City to Ambergris Caye
  • Full day catamaran and snorkel excursion
  • Cave tubing adventure and journey to the Xunantunich Maya ruin
  • 2 workshops on the Five Koshas during the retreat to deepen your experience
  • Daily yoga class (suitable for all levels) and guided meditations
  • Aura healings
  • 6 workshops prior to the journey to get your mind, body, and spirit prepared and super excited about this spiritual yoga retreat!
Kathy Tabb .   Click on her picture to learn more.

Kathy Tabb. Click on her picture to learn more.

                     Trish Mariani

                     Trish Mariani

                  Richard Pozzuto

                  Richard Pozzuto

We will be staying at the beautiful Ak'Bol Yoga Retreat & Eco-Resort, which received the 2013 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.  "The studio is like heaven as you practice yoga over the turquoise Caribbean sea. It will be hard to adjust to practicing anywhere else after this experience." - Trip Advisor post on 3/4/14.

We chose to do this work in a beautiful environment filled with sensual delights to facilitate an ease of movement from what can sometimes be an embattled inner space to a captivating and lush worldly experience.

All spiritual practices seek to create a copacetic balance between the spiritual and physical worlds, and though this balance can be sought in any environment, we thought that reinforcing the practice of seeking it would best be served in a place teeming with natural beauty and fun things to do:)

Deepen your yoga practice with experiences designed to:

  1. Provide you with simple spiritual tools to move past limits both during an asana practice or while you're walking and chewing gum.
  2. Establish a short post-asana meditation practice that quickens your growth
  3. Learn the basic spiritual mechanics of clairvoyance and what you can do with it as a yogi
  4. Experience stillness and the measure of its effect on you
  5. Discover the power of amusement and neutrality and learn fun ways to "get there."
  6. Nourish your body with meals that are simple, delicious, healthy, vegetarian with some fish.  The resort chef specializes in Ayurvedic cuisine and healing

A retreat before the the holiday onslaught:

We chose the first week of December 2014 for a few reasons:

  • It is 2 weeks before the winter solstice, and it's good to engage oneself during cycle shifts
  • It will be the week of the full moon which is a time of abundance and celebration
  • It is 3 weeks before common major religious holidays and their commercial offspring ... aka..."the onslaught."

What better time to get centered and get real with yourself? Imagine going into the end of the year with glowing positivity and optimism as your spiritual immune system has just been inoculated from a week (or more if you choose) of yoga, delicious food made by an Ayurvedic chef, inspiring workshops, land- and sea-adventures and 24/7 access to gorgeous island beaches and coral reefs (and you'll have a nice tan to boot!)

Workshops to Enlighten and Prepare You For The Retreat

The Kosha System: Navigating Your Inner Journey (June 20th 8:30pm ET) - An overview of the Koshas and how to use them as a framework for conceptualizing ourselves.  $25 (Free for retreat attendees)

Mayan Cosmology & Your Mayan Astrological Chart (July 18th 8:30pm ET) - We will look at your life through the eyes of the Maya.  $25 (Free for retreat attendees) ENROLL NOW

The Maya & Your Past Lives (August 15th 8:30pm ET) - An overview of the Maya and (perhaps) your role in that culture.  $25 (Free for retreat attendees)  ENROLL NOW

Prana: The Power in Every Breath You Take (September 19th 8:30pm ET) - Learn the fundamentals of pranayama (yogic breathing). When practiced regularly, it greatly enhances our energy and detoxifies our body. $25 (Free for retreat attendees)  ENROLL NOW

Bliss in Spirit/Bliss in Body (October 17th 8:30pm ET) -  Receive psychic tools and spiritual counsel to refine and energize your goals for this retreat. $25 (Free for retreat attendees) ENROLL NOW

Final check in and logistics (November 21st 8:30pm ET) - We will go over trip logistics and finalize any loose ends. Short readings on your readiness. Retreat attendees only. Attendance is mandatory.

NOTE: Any contributions made for individual workshops will be credited to your retreat cost no matter when you sign up.

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