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We are a not for profit, school and community of students, shamans, healers, believers, non-believers, seekers and more. The Audacious Spirit offers classes, workshops, meditation and healing circles that help to bring spirit into its rightful place in your life - as the ultimate creator of everything you are and everything you have.

All members of our community can enjoy 15% off the usual contribution rate for all professional healings and readings.

You can get as many as you like throughout the month of August and schedule them at your leisure throughout the year. Our professional readers and healers can support you and your families through all major life events. See for yourself the value of spiritual counsel and healing!

  • You can change.
  • You can heal.
  • You can grow.
  • You can be happier than ever before.


Spiritual Yoga Retreat in Belize!

The Fifth Kosha: Anandamaya.  A Spiritual Yoga Journey to Ambergris Caye, Belize.  December 6-13, 2014.

Join us as we bring together two powerful disciplines, the practice of yoga and spiritual tools to directly experience the five Koshas on this Caribbean adventure to Belize!

Ayahuasca Healing Pilgrimage in the Peruvian Rainforest - June 3 - 15, 2015: A truly life-altering pilgrimage to the plant spirit Ayahuasca and all she has to offer you. We travel to the Peruvian Amazon and work with mostly female Shipibo Shamans. We drink ayahuasca in ceremony and receive amazing shamanic healings from the masters of the rainforest - The Shipibo Shamans. Sign up early. Workshops begin in October!!

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We are offering TWO totally free Fresh Start Meditation & Healing Circles, Mon - Thur at 5:30am PT/8:30am ET and 7:30am PT/10:30am ET

Join us for a 30-minute guided meditation and see what it's like to meditate the "psychic" way. There is an aura healing circle where you can get a 5- to 10-minute aura healing - all for free! 

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                  NEWBIES ONLY!

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Rainbow Healing Circle Wednesday, 8/20 at 9pm ET. Bring more vibrancy to you life.

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The Audacious Spirit is a registered Florida Not For Profit Corporation passionately devoted to the attainment of spiritual freedom for everyone. Your donations to The Audacious Spirit are humbly accepted and will directly support our ability to deliver classes, workshops, healings and outreach events of exceptional quality both locally and around the globe. As an online school and resource, our mission is global in scope and purpose. To teach, exemplify and promulgate the use our spiritual abilities to increase the level of awareness we bring to all thought and action. The more awareness we attain the greater freedom we have to create what we want.

Supporting membership is only $50 per year and helps us to keep the lights on and keep our mission alive across the globe. Clicke the green button and select "Supporting Member" option. Or to make a random donation use the black button.

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This work continues to amaze me. Each day I’m able to change old belief patterns that have held me back and open up more to the world of possibilities.
— Yvonne Chamberlain, (Meditation & Healing Student, Tennessee)

See what folks are saying about us ...

Reaching some of my most important 2013 goals, both personal and in business, was made possible by finally understanding how to make effective mock-ups. i have you (Richard) and Trish at Audacious Spirit to thank for that, after I’d taken some basic meditation classes elsewhere over the last few years. Thank you so much, and i look forward to the next class, circle or private healing I get to have with you guys. You rock!
— V. Alcoset - California
I would highly recommend Life Skills Meditation to anyone looking to learn more about their spirit and learn the tools to reach a deeper and more effective state during meditation. This course is taught on a “kindergarten” level. What this means for the student is that it is a safe place to learn and ask questions and really get a strong foundation for spiritual work (whatever that may be for you). Trish and Richard are hilarious teachers ... not once did I feel overwhelmed with the information I was given (which is A LOT). During the 8 weeks, I learned many valuable skills that I now use daily. In fact, I wonder how I survived before without some of them!
— Ashley Berzon, Texas
Just wanted to say Thank You! The ‘Give a Healing Get a Healing’ class has exceeded any expectations I had prior to the class. Spiritual growth has been huge, and just continues - which is life changing. Healing is enabling change, which is quite a gift to be able to give, offer and share. There are times when in the middle of situations we can’t see the forest through the trees due to emotion, matching pictures or the past. This class has helped enable change in others’Pa lives in ways so rich its priceless as you and Trish have helped enable change in my life.
— Paul Walton, California
My first class with Richard and Trish, Life Skills Meditation class was a wonderful introduction to the invisible world surrounding us and our lives, in the hands of wonderfully entertaining, funny, and down to Earth teachers. With the door left opened and light pouring in at the end of the first series I couldn’t wait for more and it was delivered through Give a Healing Get a Healing series. The door is still open and there is more classes and so much more to learn!

Thanks again Richard and Trish, you guys were really wonderful and I am looking forward to more classes with you. You both have very soothing energy and are so much fun to learn from in a great environment.
— Teresa Noble, California
Thank you all so much for the healing you gave to my daughter last night, and the readings as well. They were very insightful.
I know that you’re helping her and I appreciate it a lot.
With love and gratitude...
— D. - California
Thank you for all your support about me taking theses classes. There have being positive changes I could not have anticipated. Because of some of the classes I have found a job, got a car and have been able to me maintain a roof over my head. The rest of my mock-ups are on the way. I see myself in a creative mode rather than the contrary.
— G. Williams - Texas