The Audacious Spirit offers meditation, healing, and reading circles throughout the month.

It's very easy to attend our online circles. There is no software to download.  Your browser may ask you to install an "add-in" by Adobe, simply say "yes" and it takes a few seconds after which the room will load up automatically. When you get to the entrance page, there is no need to log in.  Simply sign in as a guest.  If it's your first time in our online Healing Circle, don't worry about using the various controls in the room.  You will be able to use your microphone and webcam if you desire, and if it becomes necessary the leader will coach you as to how.  There is a chat window which is very easy to use also.  

Spiritual Healing   Circles

Offered Wednesday evenings at 9pm ET. Healings are 10 -15 minutes and can be on any topic you more

Remote Healing Requests

Remote healing requests can be for yourself or for anyone/anything else. Healing requests on one's place of business, overall family, and even particular goals or projects are not uncommon. Healings are 10-15 minutes and are more