Clairvoyant Reading Circles

Offered the 3rd Thursday of every month

3rd Thursday:  8:30pm - 10:30pm ET (5:30pm - 8:30pm PT)

Click on photo to be taken to the reading room   

Click on photo to be taken to the reading room


Ever wonder if there is (or ever was) life on Mars?  How about exploring your past lives? Or looking at the energy of your food addictions?  Find you own answers on these and other exciting topics during our Clairvoyant Reading Circles!

Experienced and novice readers alike are welcome to attend this fun and inviting space where we will all be able to give and receive clairvoyant communication! Never done a reading before? No worries! You can come and be among those who have and sit in the energy of a "clairvoyant hello." Much of learning how to read is simply matching the energy of those who can. Readings will be on different topics, people, and themes. We will sometimes read each other and sometimes focus on one person. We're gonna mix it up to provide the best experience for everyone.

Contribution: $25 per session

FREE for Next Level Program members.

Topic for February 19th:  Love and all its charms - We'll look at your ability to give and receive the energy of love.




To Attend:

1) Click the Enroll Now! button, register in our store and make your contribution.

2) Wait until the next scheduled circle and navigate to the following link and sign in as a guest: