Unlocking Your Gender Energy

May 5th-May 31st

Class on Tuesdays & Thursdays From 8:45pm to 10:15pm ET (5:45pm - 7:15pm PT)

30-minute LAB on Sundays at 12pm ET (9am PT)


- Taught Live Online by Maestro Richard & Rev. Trish Mariani

This class is for both men and women.

Gender is a big deal in our world.  Strangers identify and draw conclusions about you at a first glance by noticing your gender.  You construct your identity largely through your experience as a female or male.  How other people treated you, society's expectations, and (unconsciously) learned behavior from mimicking your mother/father (or both!) have all helped to construct your gender identification.  Furthermore, there is a collective consciousness with which you are always connected that is associated with your gender - the female collective energy and the male collective energy that holds all the struggles, pain, joy, and creative potential of your gender.  These influences can either limit you, empower you, or just drive you crazy!   Gender energy - you can either get angry, frustrated, and go into competition with it or you can understand it and use it remove obstacles in your life.  Whew!  I told you it was a big deal and we are about to tackle it together with you.   

This 4-week class will teach you to self-examine and heal your male/female energy.  You will:  

  • Learn tools to ground and empower your gender energy.   
  • Learn how to run your gender energy throughout your body to clear blockages and unlock your full creative potential.  
  • Identify and release gender competition energy to improve communication.
  • Consciously tap into the collective consciousness of your gender and discover what answers are accessible to you on why things are they way they are, in your life and the world. 
  • Learn tools to help you maintain your space around the opposite sex or others of your gender running high/low frequency energy, and more....

Is there any aspect of your life where gender isn't part of who you are? You are not an "it", you are a human be-ing female or male. Validate and empower your personal expression of womanhood or manhood, release belief systems that no longer serve you, and any energy that creates limits on what you create in your life.

Prerequisite for this class is Psychic Tools for Beginners or completion of a compatible class.   You must have already completed or be currently enrolled in an ongoing Psychic Tools for Beginners class.


After you have made your contribution for the class, we will contact you with the URL for the classroom, and schedule an orientation phone call or Skype session if necessary.