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An Audacious Gift Certificate

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What better gift can you give than a spirit-to-spirit hello? Offer your loved ones readings and healings from our trained spiritual healers and counselors. Or maybe your recipient is interested in learning how to develop their own intuitive abilities? There is no exclusion on what gift certificates can be used for. You can also direct us to gift specific services such as a reading with Trish, or a healing circle healing.  We will send either a customized email or a snail mail card to your gift recipient! All your recipient has to do is log in to the new account we will set up for them and book the service they want or you selected.  Or you or they can contact us and let us take care of everything.

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How it Works

Purchasing and using an Audacious Gift Certificate is easy. Simply fill out all the required information, make your contribution, and we take care of the rest! We will either send a nicely formatted email to your gift recipient, or we will snail mail a card with your personal message written inside.

 Redemption is easy. Once you make your purchase, we create an account on our system for the recipient and either put an account credit in the amount of your gift on their account that they can use like money. Or, we will pre-purchase a designated service, such as a reading or healing with a specific staff member. All the recipient has to do is go to our website, finish setting up their account (by creating a password, etc.), and they are free to purchase anything we offer and apply the gift amount as payment or book the pre-purchased service(s) at their convenience.

If you are sending the gift to someone who has no desire to use our website or booking system.  They can also call us and we'll take care of everything. This option is good for people that don't have email addresses or aren't computer savvy. If you have any questions before purchasing do not hesitate to email or call (813) 419-7077.