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Healing Packages

You can choose a pre-designed package that we will customize for you, or have us make one from scratch tailored to your particular healing project.

The Mother & The Self - Special Healing Package for May

Explore and empower are the root actions of this healing package. We thoroughly examine the action and role of mother in your space and offer healings on desired changes. This package will help you to get unstuck from any energies holding you back in your personal, professional or relationship spaces. (click here for more information)

Love Thyself Healing Package

This healing package was created to promote the single-most important event in your life. The day you love yourself enough that you liberate your true desires and set them to task to create the life you want. Most of us spend a tremendous amount of life energy making ourselves look lovable, sound lovable and even smell lovable. We will spare no expense to attract love into our lives. Yet when all is said and done most people who do such things eventually find themselves coming up short. (Click here for more information)

The Divine Love Healing Package

Together we will focus our healing talents on helping you to overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem, and any other form of self-sabotage. We will work through the lens of The Divine where it is easy to see how perfect you really are. In essence we are saying hello to your unique and original "sins" -- the only sins that really matter ... the ones that cause you to hurt and turn away from happiness. (Click here for more information)

Goals Healing Package

The people that have the most obstacles are the people that have the most to gain. The Divine doesn't deliver anything without purpose, and as the saying goes, the divine doesn't give you anything you cannot handle. So handle it! Whatever it is that is between you and your goal or you and the professional or career space of your dreams, let it be now that you commit to working that energy and getting on with the good stuff in life. (Click here for more information)

Immunity Healing Package

Stuck in a toxic pattern of behavior? Susceptible to colds, flu or parasites? Are there other factors in your environment that seem to be weakening you or draining your strength? It is well documented that stress alone can "lower the immune system" making you vulnerable to physical and even mental diseases. (Click here for more information)

Custom Healing Package

If you can imagine it, we can design a healing package for it. Begin the process by scheduling a clairvoyant interview with us (contribution is $50.00 which will be deducted from the total cost of the package if you decide to move forward with it). We will author the package and review it with you before scheduling your healings. (Click here for more information)