Making Talismans - A Guide to Healing Magic

Friday November 22nd 8:30pm ET $35 ($75 with psychic consult/supplies)

Many think this kind of thing is the stuff of a childhood dream. Love potions. Talismans. Magic spells. The power of all magic comes from one place. You.  As a spirit in a body, you have the ability to call on spirit for various purposes. Talismans can be made to attract love, ward off evil, manifest wealth, bring good luck and to heal sickness. Sadly, they can also be made to confound love, bring on evil, and well... you get the idea. 

Talismans don't have to be worn. They can be carried around in one's pocket or purse, placed in a room, hung on a wall, put on the dashboard of your car, etc. Talismans are mediums for spiritual energy. They can be made out of anything and imbued with whatever qualities you choose. Psychics and shamans choose objects for talismans based on their energetic or spiritual properties, wearability, beauty, and often for their ability to hold a particular frequency or vibration. Since everyone is psychic, you are more than capable of creating a powerful and effective talisman.

It is not necessary to understand; it is enough to adore. The god may be made of clay: adore him; he becomes GOD. We ignore what created us: we adore what we create. Let us create nothing but GOD! That which causes us to create is our true father and mother; we create in our own image, which is theirs. Let us create therefore without fear; for we can create nothing that is not GOD.
— Aleister Crowley

In this workshop you will learn the process of creating a talisman either for yourself or as a gift for another. You will work with whatever substances and objects you choose. If you have no idea what kinds of things to choose, we have two suggestions. You can either:

  1. Don't worry about it. Simply pick some things that have personal meaning to you. You may already have a sense that quartz crystals are cleansing, or feathers can bring ease, or copper can energize. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. Just play.
  2. Have Trish and I to do a short reading & consultation on the talisman you want to create and let us choose some things that we will mail to you (for an additional donation).

In any case we want you to have some stuff available to do the exercises in the workshop. You don't have to complete the talisman in the space of the workshop. Some talismans can take days and even months to prepare depending on how you work the energy. I have taken up to 3 months to prepare a talisman for some clients. How will you know when it's ready? Sometimes the talisman itself will let you know. How? You'll have to take the workshop to find out!