A 4-week workshop series on Mondays Starting September 16th, 8pm - 10pm (ET)




Many people understand mediumship to be the ability of a person to be able to communicate with the so-called dead. There are many practicing mediums, some quite famous, who do this specific kind of work every day and are highly in demand. There are also people that claim to literally be able to bring another spirit into their body and allow that spirit (be it human, alien, animal or something else) to "take over" the body - at least temporarily. These willing possessions are typically performed to bring in wisdom and even highly personal messages from the hosted being. Sometimes the hosted being claims to be able to communicate with the dead or other sources of other-worldly wisdom on the medium's behalf. So there are perhaps many ways we can look at this spiritual ability. Mediumship can actually be experienced in our everyday lives in a myriad of ways. In fact, almost everybody has had some type of experience that fully qualifies as channeling or classic mediumship, but most people simply channel without realizing it often saying things like, "I don't know how I knew that" or "sheesh ... I can't believe I said that" and dismiss the rest. Think about it. Have you ever channeled someone you know? How about your mother or father? How about your partner? Ever feel like you're not being yourself? And sometimes at least, maybe that wasn't so bad. Though generally most people feel either violated or out of control when they allow other beings into their space unconsciously.

In this 4-week workshop, we will explore not only our own level and experience of mediumship, but share our personal stories of channeling, experiences with ghosts, the dead, and our ability to communicate with other types non corporeal and non human beings in general. We will attempt to plot these experiences on a timeline and examine not only why they happened, but why the experience arose when it did. There is a lot of stigma on mediumship. We very much prefer to go unconscious after "trance-medium" episodes. We seldom talk about them, and even if we can talk about them, the meaning tends to be enshrouded in mystery and fear of the many unknowns surrounding these experiences.

We will also attempt to demystify mediumship in this workshop by inviting a professional medium to expound upon her unique experiences, describe her process and how it evolved, and gain the wisdom from her conscious path with this spiritual tool that we all possess.

From Ouija Boards to full on Oracular downloads, the experience of mediumship can be fun, enlightening, mysterious, magical and indeed sometimes frightening.  Join Richard, Trish and our guest Tiffany Masters for this incredible workshop series.


Week 1:

The History of Mediumship - An overview of magic, mystery and miracles

Human history and culture is saturated with examples of mediums great and minor. In an interesting way, this mirrors our individual lives as we are all mediums to a degree, and even if we're not expressing the ability much or at least conscious of it, we likely know people who definitely are.  From the Ancient Oracles of Delphi to snake handlers in the American South the ability to channel is here to stay - fully ingrained in every culture in the world through its religious and shamanic practitioners but also very present with individuals that simply cannot NOT be mediums. History is nothing but a series of stories, whether it be world history or family history. In this first workshop we'll indulge a little in both.

Week 2:

Everyday Mediumship - Who are the authors of your story?

Feminist poet, Muriel Rukeyser wrote, "The universe is made of stories, not atoms." In this class we will take a practical look at how we are all mediums. We'll play with "matching energies" and reflect on the nature of "foreign energy" in our space. We'll look at how mediumship can be a powerful healing tool and an evolver of our life experiences. We'll also look at things like spiritual possession (a surprisingly common phenomena), ghosts (a good story never dies), out of body experiences, and explore why such phenomena exist. We will create a timeline and plot our own personal stories with mediumship and discover what the timeline can reveal and if perhaps we can predict our next experience or series of experiences.

Week 3:

MEET THE MEDIUM with Tiffany Masters

Tiffany Masters was born a gifted, sensitive child and has continued to be that way all her life. She has always had the psychic sensibilities of sight, hearing, feeling and knowing. Like so many, her first experience with mediumship was haphazard and even funny in retrospect. She was at a party with a bunch of her friends from high school. She remembers going into the bedroom to sit on the bed, but apparently she was writhing around on the floor delivering messages to a particular friend of hers whose mother had just died. (It's funnier when she tells the story.)


As an intuitive, mystic, teacher, and visionary, Tiffany's clients include individuals, business owners, spiritual teachers and healers, celebrities, physicians, and people from all walks of life in many different countries with an array of backgrounds and life experiences. She has traveled and studied many different cultures and traditions all over the world.

Tiffany will tell us her story and share her life experience and wisdom. She will also lead us through some fun and simple meditations to help us "expand" our hearts, because in her experience it is crucial to be as open hearted as possible in order to receive channeled information safely and sanely.  She will also demonstrate the state of "expansion" that allows her to channel and use her other spiritual abilities fully.

Week 4:

Evening #2 with Tiffany Masters

The Indescribably Transformation Experiences

Tonight you will experience an "Indescribable Transformation Experience" with your fellow online classmates and people in the body here in Naples Florida at The Audacious Spirit.

The definition of Indescribable is “Impossible to describe, too extraordinary for description, too unusual, extreme to be adequately described”. Many years ago Tiffany started working with groups of people to assist them on their personal transformations and healing journeys. What participants experience is in their own words an “indescribable transformation.”  A powerful healing experience delivered via mediumship!

Tiffany, in her very expanded state will begin to work with class members one-by-one and sometimes as a group. When participants come into her energy field she will be scanning their physiology and emitting high frequency vibrations to assist in transformation and healing on the level that is for the highest good. This happens in a matter of seconds. We will create an online and physical plane "healing garden" where people will visit and continue to work the healing energy in their space.

Book a Private Reading with Tiffany Masters

 In a Private Consultation Tiffany expands her energy to assist in answering your questions about yourself, your life and loved ones, present and passed. Questions must be asked if you want her assistance. The energies that Tiffany works within will not invade your privacy or talk about subjects that you are not ready to discuss or heal. She offer a unique blend of spiritual knowledge to awaken your higher consciousness. There is no problem, challenge or question too big for her to help you work through. 

 As a healer, Tiffany will guide you from the issues that keep you stuck directly into the light of peace, freedom and desired manifestation.

As a medium, Tiffany receives messages from loved one who have passed when you invite them to participate in your session. She will not invite them for you, nor can she guarantee that they will show-up, that is up to you and them.

Tiffany will be performing her readings in person for one day only while in Naples, Florida, SUNDAY OCTOBER 6TH. You do not have to be here for the reading as they can be done over the telephone or Skype. If you want a reading and Sunday doesn't work for you, please go ahead and book the reading with a random time slot using the button below, and email trishm@audaciouspirit.com to select a day and time that is more convenient.