Creating Community Across the Planet


All of our classes are offered online so that you may experience them from the comfort of your home or with others in your area who are taking the class.  We have lot of experience in both teaching and attending classes online.   As a matter of fact, the curriculum of our classes are structured for the online student, especially for you!    If you wish to participate in classes with other students who are nearby, let us know and we can hook you up.   Occasionally, there will be opportunities to take classes "in the body" with the instructor at a common location if you are located in the following areas of Florida:  Navarre, Naples, and Tampa. 

How we make 'online' fun and personal

Here's what you won't  find in our online classes: Uncomfortable metal chairs behind a small desk or balancing your tailbone on little zafu pillow, continually adjusting your posture when your legs cramp.  

Here's what you will  find:  Slippers, your favorite loose pants (or pajamas), unlimited access to your refridgerator, and your most comfortable chair.

We have found that with a headset on, in the convenience of your own personal space, you can create a unique sense of focus and fully engage yourself in the class material.  Our teaching philosophy is make the class as experiencial as possible.  We aim to lecture as little as possible. 

And if you are concerned how to pass notes during class and making friends ... During our classes, we make a point of holding space for you to share ideas, personal stories, and work directly with your fellow students.    You are able to chat individually with other students (or with us).  We invite you to gain from the perspective other students from around globe.  We think you will discover that the connections you make with your online classmates will exceed your expectations.  But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

What to expect: 


The live online experience is much easier and stable than it has ever been before.  You don't need to be a tech engineer to get to our virtual classrooms.  In our classes, you will always see and hear the other students.  We encourage people to use their camera (included with most computers) but it is not mandatory to have one.  What you will see when you enter the virtual classroom is a series of 'windows' with your fellow classmates looking back at you.  For those of you old enough to remember (ahem!), it looks a lot like the opening theme of "The Brady Bunch" where everyone is looking at you in little squares.    


Note that for the Fresh Start Meditation and Healing Circles, only the instructor appears on the screen so don't feel like you need to get pretty for us (we love you as you are anyway).  

What you will need: 

Adobe Connect

Our classrooms and healing rooms are powered by AdobeConnect. This online gathering space is totally browser based so you don't need to install any software. Your browser may need to install an "add-in" or the latest version of Adobe Flash, but it will do that all automatically. If it asks you if it's OK to upgrade these elements. Please say "yes."

AdobeConnect is also available as an app for iPhone and Android. We have students all over the world that use these apps successfully. These apps allow you full use of the camera and full interactivity.

Headset & Microphone

For the classes, workshops, and healing circles you will need a headset with a microphone compatible with your computer if your computer doesn't have a built in microphone.  Headsets are required.  Ambient speakers create distortion when the sound is picked up by your microphone.   You can find headsets for as low as $8.

Once again, note that for the Fresh Start Meditation and Healing Circles in the morning, you do not need a headset/microphone.  You can always communicate with the teacher and the class using the chat window.


We also use Skype for individual readings and certain events where AdobeConnect isn't practical. Skype is a free Voice over IP application that allows you to make and receive calls to Skype members for free and to call telephones worldwide for deep discounts. You can download Skype for free and set up a Skype ID so you're ready if you ever need it. Skype is also our backup in the event AdobeConnect goes on the fritz.

Don't have a computer or reliable internet? You can join our classes and healing circles via telephone with advanced notice. There is a $50 surcharge for taking a class 4-weeks or longer in duration. 

Still not sure?

We are happy to answer any questions or get you in contact with another online student to hear it directly from them.  I (Trish) have personally taken as many classes online as in person, and have not felt cheated by the online experience.   The only difference is that I got to take the class in my pajamas ... and once in a bathing suit.