Readings & Healings

The Audacious Spirit is pleased to offer both clairvoyant readings and spiritual healings to everyone.  These services are offered to support people throughout the rigors of growth and change, and getting readings and healings provides a much needed "hello" to the spirit to continue on the path of toward freedom and happiness. 

Private Readings with Richard & Trish

Receive a 30, 60, or 90-minute private readings from the co-founders of The Audacious Spirit. Clairvoyant Readings can be on any topic and have any focus the readee desires. Readings can be recorded if desired...see more

Readings & Healings with Laura

In her professional reading practice, Laura says hello to where people are in a given moment, where they would like to go, and what stands in their way. Laura’s healing practice acknowledges that health and vitality are spiritual vibrations...see more

Supervised Student Reading

The wisdom in the psychic world is that beginners often deliver the best readings and healings. You will get 90 minutes of a spirit-to-spirit "hello" that will include: where you are on your spiritual path, 3 past lives and their relevance to today, all seven layers...see more

Graduate Readings

These readings are performed by more experienced and tenured readers and healers. You will get a 90-minute reading that includes spiritual healing work and whatever questions you may have. Graduates are able to read more than one person, eg, people in relationships, families, etc. Graduates also do house, business and hospital healings.


Home & Business Healing

Home or business healings are a wonderful way to breathe new life into your living spaces. Your environment matters. These 90-minute healings consist of professional clairvoyant readers/healers looking at the energy of the physical location...see more

Hospital Healing

During a hospital healing, trained group of clairvoyant readers/healers gather to start clearing the energy 30 minutes prior to any  surgery. Throughout the surgery itself...see more