The Kosha System: Navigating Your Inner Journey

Friday, June 20th from 8:30pm-10pm ET (5:30pm-7pm PT)


Is eating healthy all it takes to be healthy? When you’ve exercised, done all the “right” things, and eaten healthy long enough, you know the answer is a resounding “No!”  And what if you cannot even get to the point where you’re doing all the “right” stuff?  What’s up with that?!  

According to the Kosha system in Yogic philosophy, the nature of being human encompasses physical and psychological aspects that function as one holistic system. In kindergarden terms, think of the Koshas as the anatomy of the mind-body-spirit connection.  It is a holistic map of YOU and all the aspects of your complicated and glorious life!

We are pleased to partner with special guest instructor, Kathy Tabb, owner of Navarre Living Yoga Health Center, to share with you the ancient framework of the Kosha system and how it can be used as a tool for navigating your life experience - physical, mental, spiritual.

Contribution: $25 (free for The Fifth Kosha: Anandamaya, A Spiritual Yoga Retreat participants)