All classes and workshops are provided online unless otherwise specified.

Psychic Foundations Program

SUMMARY: Teaches foundational tools that teach you how to work with energy, communicate and conduct spiritual healing using spirit guides, empowering your gender energy, mediumship, the Akasha, and much, MUCH more



Next Level Program (Intensive)

SUMMARY: The Intensive Program is a year-long commitment that includes fundamental clairvoyant training and training has a clairvoyant and shamanic healer. Topics include how to grow and validate your intuition, working with spirit guides, entrainment, erasure, and more

Next Level Program (Mentorship)

SUMMARY: The Mentorship Program is a month-to-month program that focuses solely on clairvoyant more


Graduate Shamanic Ministry Program

This program is only for people who have completed a formal 6th chakra focussed psychic training program. Graduates from schools other than The Audacious Spirit must complete an interview process before being considered for enrollment. Enrollment may require satisfactory completion of core-skills more

Online Classes = Global Community. All of our classes are offered online so that you may experience them from the comfort of your home or with others in your area who are taking the class.  We have lot of experience in both teaching and attending classes online.   As a matter of fact, the curriculum of our classes are structured for the online student, especially for you!    If you wish to participate in more